My name is Mike Chiari and I'm a writer for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team. I'm a 25-year-old graduate of Buffalo State College from Buffalo, NY, and I've been part of B/R's BNT since 2011.

I specialize in wrestling and hockey, although I have written about essentially every sport imaginable during my time at Bleacher Report.

I have also served as co-host of wrestling podcast Ring Rust Radio since 2012. I have had the honor of interviewing many of the biggest names in wrestling as part of RRR, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Bruno Sammartino, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman and many more.

Follow me on Twitter @MikeChiari and follow RRR @RingRustRadio.

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  • Top Running Back 2018:
    Trayveon Williams SO 733(rush)/180(rec)
    Jonathan Taylor FR 1806/54
    J.K. Dobbins FR 1190/130
    Cam Akers FR 813/102
    D'Andre Swift FR 509/129
    Travis Etienne FR 720/49
    Tavien Feaster SO 637/107
    Stephen Carr FR 321/189
    Najee Harris FR 306/23

    Top Quarterback 2018:
    Jacob Eason
    Drew Lock
    Shea Patterson
    K.J. Costello
    Justin Herbert
    Shane Buechele
    Jake Fromm
    Sam Ehlinger
    Hunter Johnson
    Myles Brennan
    Tua Tagovailoa
    Davis Mills
    Dylan McCaffrey
    Trevor Lawrence
    Justin Fields

  • Sal Mariani posted 1073 days ago

    Sal Mariani

    Dear Mike,

    I'm not quite sure how you could so flippantly address the Favre/Rodgers transition in and out of Green Bay as you did in your article, but it is down right aggravating to any Green Bay fan.

    You could not be anymore wrong about Favre "being pushed out of Green Bay" for Rodgers. Perhaps it was because you were about 15 when the Green By Packers held a press conference announcing Brett's retirement (you might have been out riding your bike buying bubble gum at the corner store and was not paying any attention in the way myself, and any GBP fan was following the situation). To help you better understand the history, after three previous years of Favre vacillating between returning to the Packers, or retiring - he decided to retire - officially. The Packers organization embraced HIS decision and did so with class. You can YouTube the conference, complete with heart-felt tears and sobs from Brett, etc,. etc. . . .

    It was after Rodgers then was given the opportunity to become the starter - a full off season program, OTAs, and training camp led up to the final pre-season game for that season when Favre came back to Green Bay (conveniently, he never signed his retirement papers) and had remorse over his decision, and found that his keys to the Lambeau were no longer working - literally. So, MONSTER ego Brett stuck a wrench into the spokes (from a PR standpoint) of the Packers and tried to derail Rodgers career for one more year after sitting patiently in line for 3 years as his understudy. No one knew who Arron Rodgers was to become at that point, but the Packers were paying him and he was on the last year of his rookie contract, considering the investment the Packers had in him - Brett "retired" - #4's ego was too great for his own good, much less for any of the fans that lived and died with his highs and lows (most interceptions in the history of the NFL) - and what went down next was all on Favre and all UGLY to loyal Packer fans.

    He and Buss Cook signed a contract whereby he could come out of retirement, but could not sign with and NFC team (North). He was sent to the Jets. Stunk up the big apple, played through the contract (waited it out by playing with an AFC team) and targeted the Packers arch rival (purple queens) so he could come back with pure vengeful, ego-driven malice towards the Packers and all of the Pack fans with complete disregard for the 17 previous years because he hated Ted Tompson.

    Yet, you have no knowledge of the facts, and in one sentence summarize a chapter of Packers history with fake news for a generation of new NFL fans that might believe that the Packers "pushed" one of their greatest players - HOF player - out of the organization. It is not even close. I think you should make a correction to maintain your character moving forward in your young, promising career. After-all, integrity will carry you through your entire life - make sure you always maintain that in your work/writings.

    None of this "cliff-notes" garbage.

    I wish you much success.

  • Christian Wilson posted 1122 days ago

    Christian Wilson

    Hey Mike! Your article about Jon Daniels defending his decision to not trade series is inaccurate! You mention that Lance McCullers Jr. took aim at the Astros, that is incorrect. Lance McCullers Jr. was taking a shot at the Rangers. May you please update your article so that it is correct?

  • William Berry posted 1143 days ago

    William Berry

    Thank you for your article.....it really only matters that the NFL is profiting on a man whom they choose to keep off the field. That is simple and apparent.

  • Donn Johnso posted 1150 days ago

    Donn Johnso

    Mike - Thanks for your May article on NFL merchandise sales but did they give you any specific information on the amount of sales per player? This seems important. How much do people buy of Kapernick's merchandise? $1000 or $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 or 50 bucks?



  • Patrick Clark posted 1175 days ago

    Patrick Clark

    Mike, another tragedy has hit the MMA Community at CJ Fernandes (a former UFC and Strike Force fighter and member of Matt Hughes' Hit Squad) tragically passed away on Thursday.


    His family has set up a gofundme page as insurance won't cover the expenses due to how he died.


  • Mike Kell posted 1209 days ago

    Mike Kell


    seems to be fait accompli

  • Wayde Barnes posted 1294 days ago

    Wayde Barnes

    Bobby Knight SAY? Dude, you're from Western NY too. That's embarrassing to other people like me who're from that area who can actually speak proper English. You may actually write some good articles, but I wouldn't know. As soon as I read the first three words of that headline, I was finished with it.

  • Sam Singer posted 1344 days ago

    Sam Singer

    Statement by the Fortress and Lott group on the Oakland Raiders Expected Announcement Today

    “The action today by the Oakland Raiders was expected. The team is doing what it needs to do to keep its options open in Las Vegas.

    “The Fortress and Lott group remains diligently focused on providing a plan and solution to the Raiders to remain in Oakland.

    “We are working on completing the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the City of Oakland and County of Alameda as our next step, which should be completed in the coming weeks. We will also be providing additional information and data to the Raiders and the NFL so that they can see there is a real and viable option to remain in Oakland. We are in this game and we are playing to win.

    “Lastly, the more we work on this project, the more convicted we are that Oakland is the right place for the Raiders. In one of the top 5 markets in the county, with a new, World-Class stadium and an updated transit hub, we believe the Oakland Coliseum site will be one of the very best mixed use developments/sports complex in the Country---providing superior value and fan experience to the Raiders and the NFL.”

    Sam Singer for the Fortress and Lott Group

  • Clark Gordon posted 1491 days ago

    Clark Gordon

    Just an FYI, it only costs about $300 a pop (plus attorney time) to file a trademark application, so it doesn't really suggest "confidence" on the part of the Raiders with respect to a potential move to LV. Even if the Raiders top brass thought their chances of being allowed to move to LV were extremely slim, it would still be prudent to file TM applications with the PTO.