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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1580 days ago


    cowboys suck but go penguins go steelers and go pirates

  • Jack Geerer posted 2314 days ago

    Jack Geerer

    Please stop writing articles concerning the NHL. I'm embarrassed for you. You're like the generic version of ESPN in your hockey analysis. It's painfully inaccurate, ignorant, and entirely opinion-based. It's like you don't even try; somebody with zero prior knowledge of the game could spend 20 minutes on Google and Yahoo Answers and put together a better comprehensive piece on the NHL than you have to date.

    Just stop, you're completely incompetent. Stay on Kobe's nuts and stay off the ice.

  • Simon jette posted 2323 days ago

    Simon jette

    Thanks for your post on NHL free agents.... but one quick comment... I am shocked that you wrote that Montreal made a "clear" mistake by keeping Price instead of Halak! Earlier this season Halak couldn't stop the puck and lost his job to Elliot while Price was the only reason the Habs were staying afloat.... please don't get fool by the fact that Halak plays for a hot team that can fill the net while the Habs are struggling and have played a youthful and depleated defense all year... Halak is good there is no denying that ... but I do think most GMs would pick Price before Halak... you are entitled to think that Halak is better but don't say that it was cleary a mistake to keep Price, at best it is debatable.. and most people in Mtl think that Price was the right choice by a mile...

    Thanks again and keeo it up...

  • Mathew van Roijen posted 2335 days ago

    Mathew van Roijen

    It is not a surprise that Rashard Lewis has already been amnestied. He look good last season or at least go enough be better than any other small foward on their roster, so he wasn't anmestied before the season. He won't he won't be anmestied now because even if he is not trade, he will be bought out. He only has a partially guaranteed contract, so it makes financial to just cut him if he can't be traded.

  • Luke Sabin posted 2354 days ago

    Luke Sabin

    So your favorite teams are the Lakers, Red Sox, Cowboys, Penguins, and USC... Not mainstream teams at all..

  • Jason Lewis posted 2362 days ago

    Jason  Lewis

    Hey great article on the Kings bud! Really good stuff.

  • Jake James posted 2365 days ago

    Jake James

    how can i contact you?

  • Tim Sullivan posted 2369 days ago

    Tim  Sullivan

    Crosby just got dominated by Claude Giroux, who this year is arguably the best player in the league. In an article about the top 100 players in the league "right now" you have Giroux at #18, slightly above Chris Pronger. The same Chris Pronger who hasn't played but a few games this year and will never play again, due to the severity of his concussions. Crosby, meanwhile, proved through the first round of the playoffs that he's not as good as Malkin and actually hurts the chemistry of the team when on the ice. You would think that someone as involved in math could add up 1+1, it equals two. 1 is that you don't seem to know hockey and the other 1 is that you seem to have read last years player ratings. That would add up to the number 2, in this case it represents the reasons you should never write about hockey, again.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2369 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Hey Andre. Just checked on your latest and saw that you had received an edit.

  • Crysby Sucks posted 2370 days ago

    Crysby  Sucks

    Really, Crysby is your favorite player?? I couldn't tell based on how you picked him as the top 100 in the league when he sucked massive .... Have you even ever laced up a pair of skates? I bet if you did they had a toe pick on them. You need to stop writing for the bleacher report because you give them less and less credibility by the day. You need to stick to Mathematical Economics because you wouldn't know statistics if they bit you in the ass. Seriously?!?!? Corey Perry in your top 15 after dropping 61 points from last year??? No wonder Ron Artest is your favorite player, you have no class. (and no, I will not call him by his fake Ochocinco name)