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As Bleacher Report's Transfers Correspondent, I will provide you player profiles and analysis on the latest transfers from European clubs.


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  • Yon Vaiye posted 1778 days ago

    Yon Vaiye

    Dear Allan Jiang,

    I know I'm so very late, and I feel very bad for it. However, I am really sad that you are gone and I wish you the best in your future, wherever it may take you. I must say that you wrote the best articles by far on Bleacher Report and that your articles gave us readers us a very unique perspective of little-known players today and scarcely remembered players from the past that no one else really did. Everyone else just including all the big names in lists and tried to make articles for the sake of views and clicks. You, on the other hand, wrote for an actual appreciation of football and with the intention of teaching your readers as much as you could. You were also the most involved with readers as you responded to all of the numerous comments you received on your page, which is of. I myself was among a fair share of those comments with my various football-related questions, which you so wonderfully answered each and every time. Man, I'm really going to miss you as you were one of the main attractions of my Bleacher Report experience. I don't think there's anyone available who can write football articles as insightful as you. May you find joy in life, my friend.

    Good bye and Good luck,
    Yon Vaiye a.k.a Adel Janevic, Dzan Ostrzovsk, and Mitxo Xaguirre
    (yeah, I was all those accounts)

  • David Teo posted 1787 days ago

    David Teo

    Manchester United Transfer News (2015/2016 -- > 2016/2017)

    No 2, No 3, No 9, No 15, No 22, No 24 and No 26 shirt left vacant - a hint that new defender @ midfielder @ winger @ striker will be arriving ? ? ? Yes!

    20 REALISTIC TARGET ( I'm a Football Scout ) ^_^

    No 1 -- > Hugo Lloris or Jasper Cillessen (Could be an option if David De Gea leaves for Real Madrid)

    No 2 -- > Stefan de Vrij or Ezequiel Garay

    No 3 -- > Aymeric Laporte or John Stones

    No 9 -- > Thomas Müller or Gareth Bale or Lewandowski or Edinson Cavani or Karim Benzema or Harry Kane

    No 15 -- > Nicolas Gaitan or Sadio Mane

    No 22 -- > Aleksandr Kokorin or Paulo Dybala

    No 24 -- > Felipe Anderson or Ross Barkley

    No 26 -- > Saido Berahino or Mauro Icardi


  • The Beast of Wall Street 101 posted 1797 days ago

    The Beast of Wall Street 101

    NOOOOOOO! Allan, you are a beast. Best writer by a mile. Good luck with everything. Who will replace you? Doesn't matter, they won' be as good as you. Thanks to your article on Davie Selke I won a 100 quid bet. Bloody legend. It will be sad without you. Bye Allan

  • David Jones posted 1812 days ago

    David Jones

    Hi Allan, it is such a shame mate. You are the only football writer that I have enjoyed reading on this website and will miss your interesting and unique articles. I purposely made a bleacher report account ( I never made one before because I didn't want to get spam) just to make this comment.

    Bleacher report are idiots to let you go! They definitely will have one less person viewing their website. All the other football articles are so generic and unimaginative, that I could start writing my own and get thousands of views e.g top 5 strikers linked to Arsenal.

    Take care my friend and I am sure you shall succeed.

  • Jessica W posted 1818 days ago

    Jessica W

    Hey Allan, I stopped consistently going on B/R for about a year but the only reason why I came back was to read your amazing articles. It's a shame that you are leaving but do what makes you happy. Your articles really taught how to analyze football and look at it from different perspectives. And I honestly just enjoyed reading them. You're just different from all the other writers. To me you are a genius. I hope you find an occupation where you are happy and find the balance you want. Enjoy your life man, best of luck!

  • Jimmy Pegorino posted 1819 days ago

    Jimmy Pegorino

    Hi Allan. I've been reading your articles for years and your writing really introduced me to looking at football from a different lens, and looking at other lesser-known players that I could not have been able to learn about without your work. I hope you have a wonderful time in your new career and keep enjoying football.

  • max dobney posted 1820 days ago

    max dobney

    Hi Allan. Whilst i am only a relatively recent reader of your articles, you have provided me with an excellent football understanding and although i am sad that you will no longer be writing for B/R, i hope you find a new job which can fulfil your needs better. Thank you.

  • Jay Jay posted 1820 days ago

    Jay Jay

    Hey Allan, just want to say good luck for the future, hopefully you can find something you enjoy.

  • Rohan Ahluwalia posted 1820 days ago

    Rohan Ahluwalia

    Hey Allan,

    It's been a while since I've last posted here, but looking at your last message, I suppose I might as well say a farewell. It's been a while since I've left B/R, mostly because Reddit has supplanted it in terms of what I view. I still remember one of the first pieces of yours that I read, actually 4 years ago now, which was on possible replacements for David de Gea, because he was underperforming at the start of his United career. Times have changed since then haven't they? I just want to thank you for your articles which continued to largely be the only thing, if anything, I read on this website. Your style inspired me to start my blog two years back (which I am awfully lazy about, but I remember what you told me when I started, so I suppose I should get writing then) and for that, I thank you.

    See you around,

  • Sarthak Kumar posted 1820 days ago

    Sarthak Kumar

    Hi Allan

    Have followed your articles for more than a year and I must say that whenever I want to know more about a player the first thing I do (after transfermarkt) is search on this space and sure enough you've done an article about him!!
    Thank you so much for the most analytical and meaningful articles - they truly redefine the content on B/R. I hope that your future decisions help shape your career into a happy one and would love to follow your work in the future.

    Best of luck!!