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  • Matthew Rodriquez posted 2601 days ago

    Matthew Rodriquez

    here is something you may want to look at Ryan regarding 49ers efficiency on offense and defense:


  • Robert Demmett posted 2634 days ago

    Robert Demmett

    nice job writing something to me on your own wall or whatever they call it. You obviously were so antsy to prove a 19 year old kid wrong that you wrote it on your own. So just to be clear, the 49ers won, and after your initial joy you rush to your computer and laugh at me? Dude your 65 years old and write a blog for free, grow up. My friends don't even do that and they are supposed to be stupid college kids

  • Ryan The Broker posted 2638 days ago

    Ryan The Broker

    Breath Robert, Breath. It will be okay.

  • Robert Demmett posted 2639 days ago

    Robert Demmett

    http://www.thespread.com/nfl-football-betting-odds obviously vegas agrees with me too, not you. Do your research

  • James From Guam posted 2640 days ago

    James From Guam

    Ryan your comments seem to be disappearing, unhappy writers maybe lol

  • Robert Demmett posted 2640 days ago

    Robert Demmett

    you mean the article that was totally right and you started off with "bengals haha" shows how knowledgable about your own team you are considering that every other comment said that I made sense. One guy who pretends to know his stuff or the majority...hmm?

  • Mike CQ posted 2640 days ago

    Mike CQ

    You are on a roll today Ryan.. Trashed 2 writers?

  • Ryan The Broker posted 2653 days ago

    Ryan The Broker

    Pike is giving me the equivalent to Carrolls "what's your deal?"

  • Darin Pike posted 2653 days ago

    Darin Pike

    "I could write one titled 32 positions the seagulls should upgrade." Ryan the Broker

    Fascinating...most people that follow the NFL realize there aren't 32 positions to upgrade. Perhaps 9er fans should focus on their own team...

  • Ryan The Broker posted 2718 days ago

    Ryan The Broker

    Hi guys! Just published the poll results from the article I wrote on the 25th. Check it out!