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  • Trevor Carlson posted 2498 days ago

    Trevor Carlson

    Hey Adam Just wanted to say I think you have done a great job! I was going through my profile and found an old post that I wrote on one of your articles. I also found the apology that you sent me...appreciate that man and I think you have done a great job growing as a writer since than....I also do apologize if I offended you with my comments before...I can be overly critical and have a narrow perspective as well...regards!

  • Nick Gutierrez posted 3061 days ago

    Nick  Gutierrez

    why u got to be hatin on UCLA?

  • Dylan Standard posted 3070 days ago

    Dylan  Standard

    hey Adam, wow! Derek Wolfe is a beast, Brock is definitly our future and i love the Hillman pick.

  • Mile Higher posted 3071 days ago

    Mile Higher

    5th rounder for Colt McCoy?

  • Mile Higher posted 3121 days ago

    Mile Higher

    Hey Adam 13 days ago you DISS MISSED Peyton Manning coming to Denver. How do you feel about it now?

  • Matthew Bergin posted 3131 days ago

    Matthew Bergin

    on the article"bold predictions for 2012", how does sanchez get those #'s? please explain to me. i don't think he will regress that much, i think his numbers go down because of sprano style of play, but sanchez doesn't regress. he improves. please explain, and i just want to know

  • Austin Quick posted 3161 days ago

    Austin Quick

    Thank you, I appreciate that. I was considering going with Kendall Reyes in the 3rd round, but outside of Suh and McCoy there just aren't that many dominating interior linemen in the NFL.I love the Hightower pick, but shied away from it because of Rolando McClain. Both were very big, strong, and imposing linebackers coming out of Bama but McClain's lack of success makes me wonder if Hightower is a better fit for a 3-4. Like I said have been reading your articles for a long time and I am extremely blessed to be given this opportunity. Thank you for the response.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 3198 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Actually, scratch that, I hope Tebowmania NEVER calms down! Until he retires, maybe, I don't know, well maybe. (Brett Favre?)

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 3198 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    So you only "somtimes" use your thumbs while writing? I thought you'd get a kick out of it, heh.

    As soon as the Tebowmania calms down I plan on writing a few more pieces for the Broncos like I did in the past. Wrote one about how the Bronco's should do whatever it takes to land Trent Richardson just a few days ago!

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 3202 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Hey! When you making the next movie in the Thumb Wars saga?