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An MLB Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, I've also written for ESPN and FanGraphs, where I've covered Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and fantasy baseball. Yes, that's a lot of baseball: It's made me a veritable vault of horsehide knowledge, and I'm always engaging with and learning from fellow seamheads. You can find my writing here and here and, well, here.

Up for some good baseball chatter or have a fantasy query that can be answered in 140 characters? Reach out to me on Twitter: @JayCat11

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  • Skyler Williams posted 1393 days ago

    Skyler  Williams

    can you post another article to click on links to see every teams farm again

  • Ian S posted 1400 days ago

    Ian S

    Jason, why would you call the Jays farm system 7th when they really have nothing beyond Norris, Pompey & Sanchez above A ball? Doesn't make sense that this would be a top farm system.

  • Russ Nelson posted 1409 days ago

    Russ Nelson

    Not an angry fan, just curious as to why Anthony Rendon didn't make your list of "Players on the Verge of Stardom". Is it simply because you would argue he's already a "Star" or too old or do you just not think hes on the level of the others mentioned? Thanks

  • warriors4life posted 1496 days ago


    youre two teams with the least chances are in the word series

  • warriors4life posted 1501 days ago



  • warriors4life posted 1502 days ago



  • warriors4life posted 1505 days ago


    im sorry but i feel i have to say something. i looked at your rankings of the world series odds and did you just go by record? i mean youre last three picks all made the next round... then the next day you wrote about how the nats were about the change the series... im just wondering what made you doubt the giants, cards and royals so much... just because there the lower sead?

  • Mike Hurtado posted 1525 days ago

    Mike Hurtado

    @JayCat11 Oakland sure put the Rangers and the rest of AL West on notice.....


  • Cara K posted 1594 days ago

    Cara K

    I love all your articles. Great job and I hope too see more

  • Dave Gonzalez posted 1596 days ago

    Dave Gonzalez

    Your information on Todd Frazier is incorrect. Hit one 485 ft. on May 9th. A little more impressive