Hi I'm Brian, and I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Hofstra University. I am a tremendous basketball fan, and a die hard New York Knicks fan. I love anything and everything to do with basketball, and my goal is to eventually work with a professional basketball team.

I love talking about anything to do with basketball, classic or current. So feel free to message me on my wall and I would be more than happy to talk basketball with anyone.

I am also the Publisher for www.ABA-America.org. Check out the website and what it's all about!

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  • Dontae Edwards posted 2307 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Where have you been?!

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2527 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Tonight 9 EST time??

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2530 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    To be honest I haven't even created the league yet. I just know what my teams name will be so far. I'll make the league tomorrow morning. What time should I make the draft so that it's best for you?

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2534 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Well done.

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2540 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Yea, I'm probably gonna do more than one league though. To perfect my technique. I'm still not sure how the ESPN's scoring is. Is by who ever puts up the most stats or by efficiency?

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2541 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Haha sounds like this will get really competitive. Since you're going to be busy all week I'll probably do the draft on the 17th. I might do 12 because it would make it harder for everybody in the league. I don't know yet .. We got time.

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2542 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    Thought you had been kidnapped. Right now I'm 9-4 in my fantasy football league .. I think I'm becoming a fantasy sports phenom. I'm a rookie to fantasy basketball though. I'll make the league on ESPN .. How many teams should there be in the league?

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2543 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    NBA season starts Christmas! Get online so we can get fantasy basketball started.

  • Danny Hauger posted 2610 days ago

    Danny Hauger

    Great content!

  • Dontae Edwards posted 2619 days ago

    Dontae Edwards

    I deleted facebook but if you tweet follow me. Yea I'll just e-mail you to get feedback and stuff. I'll be sending an e-mail from dse_sg5@yahoo.com