Steve Strausbaugh

Steve Strausbaugh


I started following the Pittsburgh Penguins in 4th grade, around 1990. Born and raised in western PA, I went off to a life of travel, globally and nationally for about 8 years after high school. My travels allowed me to go to events at about 50 different sporting venues across the country. I would say that seeing the Red Wings and Blackhawks play at the United Center (circa 2007) was one of the best experiences.

Since I was gone for several years, I do have a bit of a history gap on my team knowledge. I have done my best to fill that by going back and studying the early 2000s. Lucky for me, I moved back to the area right about the time the Crosby era began. It has been a pleasure to be able to follow the progression of the franchise since Sid's arrival.

I follow the NHL, with the help of Versus and the NHL Network now. I am currently in college, using my GI Bill (as a Coast Guard veteran) to pursue my degree in political science, my other passion. Should be graduating in the spring of 2012.

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