JB McCandles

JB McCandles


My name is JB McCandles and I am the featured columnist for Boston College Basketball. In addition to being a BC fan, I have also been a life long professional Boston sports fan. My favorite sports are baseball, football, and college basketball. The one sporting event that I never get tired of is March Madness.

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  • Allen Lopp posted 3820 days ago

    Allen Lopp

    Can NC State beat their recent losing streak?

  • JB McCandles posted 3850 days ago

    JB McCandles

    sean williams you killed a small piece of me

  • JB McCandles posted 3850 days ago

    JB McCandles

    sean williams you killed a small piece of me

  • Erik Frenz posted 3854 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Would love for your opinion on my recent article about what has changed for New England since Spygate.




  • Paul Seaver posted 3866 days ago

    Paul Seaver

    Hey man. It is tough to just watch BC consistantly look good and then lose games they should win.I think the issue is more of a motivational thing. It seems like their players will make a point to get up for big games but they certainly overlook games that should be easy wins. That could very well be a coaching issue. Skinner is not the best recruiter, but does bring in guys who turn out to be better than thought and I think it is because he is such a good coach. The flex offense he runs is so simple, but can be very tough to stop, but finding guys to fit into his offense can cause BC problems. The lose of Tyrese Rice is something BC gets away with in some games, but in others it really shows.

  • Matt Shea posted 3975 days ago

    Matt Shea

    Hey there! I just created my first slideshow on BR! Come check out my starting lineup for week 3 in college football w/analysis & predictions:


    [Feedback is appreciated]

  • Long Island Sound posted 4089 days ago

    Long Island Sound

    Odd perspective of your fan base here... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/186006-where-did-all-these-boston-hats-come-from

  • Andrew Cahill posted 4146 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    Pay homage to Red Sox great, Curt Schilling!


  • len laber posted 4160 days ago

    len laber

    Hey Beau ever try fantasy march madness? Here's why I think its better than bracket pools and an updated player rankings to help you do player research. Hope to compete again you on my website. Good luck!



  • The ACC and SEC Blog posted 4200 days ago

    The ACC and SEC Blog

    Thanks for the fan add.