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  • Gene Rubow posted 1843 days ago

    Gene Rubow

    Hi Connor:

    I wanted to write you and let you know that I really enjoyed your article regarding ND losing it's fans so early in the season.

    I don't know about you, however, I'm absolutely disgusted with many of the Irish fan base. I've been reading your work on here for awhile now and I know that you make an effort to respond to posts regarding your articles. Therefore, you've read some of the absolutely horrible things people are saying about this team.

    I'm not going to be an apologist either. This team does have some serious issues which writers have well documented, both on here and on various other sports sites.

    I can't believe how many grown men and women are flat out brow beating kids like Tommy Rees, GAIII, and the rest. It's incredibly unsettling. I suppose that's what happens when die hard sports fandom meets internet anonymity. It's a formula that creates illogical, irrational, raging assholes.

    Have you read what people are posting to Tommy Rees' Twitter account? It's an embarrassment. This is a 22 year old kid who was never even supposed to play being forced out into the spotlight. You and I both know he's doing the best that he can. He's doing his best to do the things he's being asked to do. This is the time to support the Irish. This is the time to believe in them...not call for his head!

    Or, how about all the people calling for Kelly to be fired? How about the fact that he's strung together three winning seasons with minimal talent? This team was in utter shambles when he took over and yet he lead them to back to back winning seasons in how many years? Or, how about the national championship game? Yes...this year has been a disappointment...but, quite frankly, Kelly is still the best coach this team has had since Lou Holtz. This season won't be spectacular but I'd bet anything they still end up with a winning season. Give him time and this team will continue to improve. You and I both know that.

    Anyways, I've been wanting to rant about the jack asses who post on here for a long time. It seems like you're one of the few vocal level headed ones out there so I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that.

    Keep up the great work. While I hate reading all these idiotic comments, I do enjoy your work.

    Sorry to bum rush your board. Just wanted to get that off of my chest.

  • Sean Pellman posted 1894 days ago

    Sean Pellman

    Hey Connor, I would appreciate if you could possibly include a poll in one of your next articles, if it is permitted of course, about the outcome of the ND vs. Michigan game. Thanks!

  • Michael Collins posted 1984 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Nice article, Connor, on ND-Michigan. One of mine from a few years ago.

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 2103 days ago


    Please write something on the ND coverup of the T'eo story. How he meet her at the Stanford game, how the university got wind of the story and keep it under wraps, ND fans ripped Alabama in the lead up to the NC game , then this pretender gets blown out, coach Kelly is two faced in his remarks about this is the greatest job and pretends he would never think of leaving, now the best player on the team had a pretend girlfriend who did not exist.

  • Walter Mackey posted 2104 days ago

    Walter Mackey

    Please write an artical that will tell all those idiots that there will NOT be a race for QB #1. Brian Kelly didn't say anything about a QB race for 2013.

  • Brian Norton posted 2104 days ago

    Brian Norton

    Loved your article about why Notre Dame fans should root for Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. WOW. Does this mean that Georgia would have beat them by 6 touchdowns instead of just 4?

  • Bishop Hudal posted 2106 days ago

    Bishop Hudal

    Please do an article entitled:

    Five reasons Bleacherreport Article Titles usually have FIVE in them instead of Four for Six"

    Since most of the articles on bleacherreport have the number 'five' somewhere in the title I have to believe this is another one of those 'formula' posts, that are a response to your boss' demand for more 'filler' to attract new advertisers.

    Rather than you really have anything new to add. Forgive me for being petulant, but I keep seeing Bleacher's bragging on their authors and internship programs when they're becoming increasingly stale and repetitive.

    BTW>Congratulations for getting the words"Breaking Down" in another article, too

  • Ben Stolt posted 2119 days ago

    Ben Stolt

    Connor, as you know I'm a fan of yours. I recently read an article that I think should be put on the team stream but I wouldn't know how to do it.

  • Josh Matt posted 2169 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Michael Case posted 2191 days ago

    Michael Case

    With 48 seconds left in the game I was prepared to say absolutely nothing about your claim that OSU would beat both Michigan and Purdue except celebrate with my best friend who is a Purdue alum; but Purdue showed once again how to (unbelievably)snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Now I have to comfort my best friend and explain to her why I've always said Joe Tiller was a much better coach than Danny Hope will ever be.