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  • Ben A posted 2420 days ago

    Ben A

    "Andre Miller is currently listed as Lawson's backup, and while he's a steady, veteran option, he's no match for Lawson's explosiveness at this point in his career. Nate Robinson is the other option on the Nuggets' depth chart, but he's nowhere near the floor general Lawson can be."

    Considering Robinson is out for the season and Miller has been dismissed from the team pending a trade how exactly do you propose those two replace Lawson?

    Do your research or just know anything about the Nuggets before writing an article on them. It would take like 2min to find that out.

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 2842 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Thanks, Ian! Yeah, McAdoo is way too soft for his position. I think if he could develop some semblance of an outside game, he could be a very good small forward. He seems afraid of contact, plays too fast with the ball in his hands and appears confused at times.

    On the other hand, Johnson is cool, calm and collected, makes most of his shots and isn't a turnover machine.

    Alas, McAdoo will continue to start and Johnson may get shoved into the 5 spot. I'd much rather see Paige, McDonald/Bullock, Hairston, Johnson and James or Paige, Haitson/Bullock/McDonald, McAdoo, Johnson and James. Though, the latter hurts UNC's perimeter game.

    Roy is certainly in a tough spot.

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 2845 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Thanks for the props on the Johnson/McAdoo piece, Ian! I really appreciate it. Are you feeling the same about the situation in Chapel Hill?

  • Alex Ballentine posted 2848 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks for the props on the article Mr. Hanford, I appreciate it.

  • Josh Cembellin posted 2880 days ago

    Josh Cembellin

    Thanks for the props, sir :)

  • Steven Moore posted 2906 days ago

    Steven Moore

    Ian, Check out this story...http://sundaygazettemail.com/News/201210090151

  • Anus Fister posted 2915 days ago

    Anus Fister

    There's a typo in your Bears vs. Cowboys article

  • Adam Hirshfield posted 2934 days ago

    Adam Hirshfield

    Thanks for the props, bro. You're a scholar and a saint.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 2966 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem, Ian.

  • Erik Cotton posted 2971 days ago

    Erik Cotton

    Thanks for the like on my article...I appreciate the support.