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  • Zachary Hutkin posted 2648 days ago

    Zachary Hutkin

    I am posting this as a request that you stop writing articles for bleacher report as your writing on the "Looking Ahead at the Los Angeles Chargers" lacks both basic organization and facts to support your opinion. Looking through the comments left on the article, you will find that readers near unanimously dislike this article, many of whom are not Chargers fans, but are neutral correspondents and contributors. If this article is not indicative of the rest of your writing than please apologize and continue writing. If this is the case, I would then ask you to refrain from writing articles on subjects in which you lack a fundamental understanding of the issue you discuss. If, however, this article is indicative of your others I will ask you as a huge fan of both sports and bleacher report to stop contributing articles. Your writing only hurts the credibility of the site.

  • James Douglas posted 2704 days ago

    James Douglas


    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving.

    I don't think that Wilson will move the Predators anywhere. The only way he would be able to do that was if he became the majority owner, and there simply is nowhere in Western Canada that is big enough for a team. Yes, a team in some of the cities there (Such as Saskatoon and Victoria, and Halifax which is in Eastern Canada) would do better than many of the sunbelt teams but that doesn't say much. There are 2, maybe 3, more places in Canada that can support teams. Southern Ontario and Quebec City.

    And I doubt Phoenix will be able to find an owner, hell I'm not even really bothering following the situation that much because 1) We haven't heard much news on Phoenix, it's a complete 180 from last year's Hulsizer circus and 2) They won't get an owner, we've been through this too many times.

    Phoenix's crowds are simply pathetic. Last night they had 9,000 announced against Anaheim, a division rival. Most people in America have off today since it's Thanksgiving, so you can't use the weeknight excuse (Still pathetic even if it was a weekday). Here in New Jersey we got 15,500 against COLUMBUS, THE WORST TEAM IN THE NHL.

    Once Quebec gets a shovel in the ground the team is theirs.

  • James Douglas posted 2715 days ago

    James Douglas


    From what I've heard, any announcement of the Coyotes leaving would have to come in January. Since the NHL has to decide on realignment by December, I think that's their deadline. I think they're done. Where they'll move though is anyone's guess. I think Kansas City put themselves in a good position by selling out the exhibition game. If an owner steps forth for them, watch out. But if QC gets shovels in the ground the team will be theirs.

  • James Douglas posted 2761 days ago

    James Douglas


    I've been doing well. I'm just saving up my money to go to some Devils games this year. I'm planning on 1 game a month.

    I saw the article you sent me and I'm really surprised that Kansas City sold out their exhibition game, especially considering their terrible turnouts for previous exhibition games. This definitely puts them in a good position to get a team, although I still think Quebec City is the frontrunner. They will have to sell out their exhibition game on Saturday (If they haven't already, which I bet they have). Don't be surprised if they do some sort of rally on Saturday like they did last year.

    What interests me is the prices that Kansas City sold out at. Were they sold at NHL Prices, or were they sold at the dirt cheap prices that Phoenix and Florida charge. I know for a fact that the last time KC had an exhibition game it was 1/2 empty and they had tickets available for $10. Here's the Manitoba Myth Busters' take on Kansas City getting a team. It also had the prices for their exhibition game.

    Preseason hockey isn't necessarily an indication of whether or not an NHL team would succeed in a location either. I'm pretty sure Winnipeg got about 7 preseason games, and that 6 didn't sell out, but look what happened when the drive to 13,000 came out. Gone.

    Anyways, that's my take. What's yours?

  • Joseph Fafinski posted 2774 days ago

    Joseph Fafinski

    Hey Joe! I've been M.I.A. for a bit, glad to know somebody noticed! Haha I love the Adelman hire! I would've taken him over Donnie in a second!

    -From Joe to another

  • Steve Thompson posted 2775 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Hi Joe, you'll probably love my latest NHL article. You might be tempted to do a follow-up one on this subject.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2803 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    How are you doing, Joe? My last 3 articles are all about NHL expansion and relocation.

  • James Douglas posted 2888 days ago

    James Douglas

    Ohhh yeaahhh revenge is sweeetttt

  • James Douglas posted 2925 days ago

    James Douglas

    Joe, what is your username on the Jetsowner Forum?

  • James Douglas posted 2957 days ago

    James Douglas

    At least IEH are now puting a team/keeping a team in a place where people actually care about hockey...the Moose were rumored to be moving to Thunder Bay last year if the Jets came back, I guess that's one place off the list of places where they might go.