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  • Amber Lee posted 1964 days ago

    Amber Lee


  • Haddon Anderson posted 1986 days ago

    Haddon Anderson

    Thanks for the edits, Ed.

  • Amber Lee posted 1991 days ago

    Amber Lee

    I seriously can't believe you're not a fan of my btw......it hurts my feelings a little bit.

  • Amber Lee posted 1991 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Thanks for the insights I'm trying to remember but always forget. <2

  • Craig Horton posted 1991 days ago

    Craig Horton

    Thanks for editing, and the minor changes.

  • Amber Lee posted 1991 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Haha. Daniel Day Lewis is definitely a compliment. Thanks for checking out my blog! I've been desperately trying to find more time to devote to it, but I'm stretched a little thin at the moment. Lohan is for sure heading down the toilet and she doesn't have anyone responsible in her family to save her from herself like Britney Spears. I'll miss her when she's gone.

  • Amber Lee posted 1993 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Thanks Ed. You are the Daniel Day Lewis of editors. <3

  • Matt Bowen posted 2005 days ago

    Matt Bowen

    Thanks Ed.

  • Roy Burton posted 2011 days ago

    Roy Burton

    Thanks for the edits, Ed - I appreciate it.

  • Brandon Alisoglu posted 2013 days ago

    Brandon Alisoglu

    Thanks dude. Duly noted.