Shaun Ryder

Shaun Ryder


i'm a Uni student in England and am a massive fan of pro wrestling. i have loved the sport since i was about 5 and i am now 19.

my current 10 favourites are:
1, Austin Aries
2, CM Punk
3, Bully Ray
4, Daniel Bryan
5, Bobby Roode
6, Bray Wyatt
7, Kurt Angle
8, Dolph Ziggler
9, Cody Rhodes
10, Roman Reigns

my all time top ten are:
1, The Undertaker
2, Shawn Michaels
3, British Bulldog
4, Chris Jericho
5, Kane
6, Kurt Angle
7, Eddie Guerrero
8, Edge
9, Sting
10, Triple H

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  • Voodoo Magic posted 2976 days ago

    Voodoo Magic

    Thanks for the fan add, Shaun!

  • Leonardo Splinter posted 3030 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter

    WOW, thanks for the support!!

  • Leonardo Splinter posted 3031 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter

    thanks for becoming a fan!

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 3197 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello, my CvC article is up: Your read and comments will be appreciated, Thanks! :)

  • Maria Cane posted 3227 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out the NEW November MC Report analyzing an approach on the outcome of Rock vs. Cena at Wrestlemania. Comments, retweets, anything is appreciated!

  • Double Zed posted 3238 days ago

    Double Zed

    Hello again,

    Just wanted to give you a link to my new article. I really would love your opinions on it.


    Double Zed

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 3256 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello, my new article is up. Your read and thoughts will be appreciated, here's the link: :)

  • Kevin Berge posted 3264 days ago

    Kevin Berge


    My latest piece is now out. I am really happy about this one. It would great to have your feedback on this. Thanks!

  • Kevin Berge posted 3299 days ago

    Kevin Berge

    Thanks for the fan add. Truly appreciated.

  • Ryan Frye posted 3316 days ago

    Ryan Frye

    As you have probably heard by now, RiZE has been banned from Bleacher Report.

    He asked me to link some of his fans to his new site, the RiZE Revolution;