I'm called Hex because it was the name of my mom and my mom's dad (R.I.P) and it is an EPIC last name. I like sports, especially basketball,

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  • Just Jann posted 3042 days ago

    Just Jann

    Hey, Hex. I'm back, too. Look forward to reading your posts.

  • Todd McGregor posted 3226 days ago

    Todd McGregor

    Hi Hex! Thanks for the welcome back message. I've been away from B/R (as you can tell) because my workload at my normal job has been crazy.

    I'm back now and should be writing regularly. Here's a link to my latest article. Hope all is well with you.


  • Just Jann posted 3270 days ago

    Just Jann

    Hex -- where you been? You and Zac seem to have dropped off the face of this earth.

  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 3355 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man


  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 3372 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man

    Vote Hillis for Madden Cover Hex!

  • Taylor Green posted 3373 days ago

    Taylor Green

    Thanks for becoming a Fan Hex, stay tuned I have a couple of good articles coming out this week.

  • Zac Man posted 3377 days ago

    Zac Man

    I will participate in this nonsense as well.

  • Faygo Kid posted 3394 days ago

    Faygo Kid

    Thanks for being a fan. I consider it an obligation to post well, and will try to do so. My significant other is a rabid Tampa Bay fan, by the way. She's also a Gator. Sorry. Me, I'm Detroit and Michigan State all the way, but appreciate almost all sports. Thanks again.