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Ray Glier is a journalist based in Atlanta. His work has appeared in USA TODAY, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and Al Jazeera America. He is a 1981 graduate of West Virginia University.

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  • Steve Gavazzi posted 1170 days ago

    Steve Gavazzi

    Article on Urban Meyer coming out next week in ISCJ. Here is the preview: https://theconversation.com/the-secret-to-a-college-football-coachs-success-46916

  • James Crawford posted 1272 days ago

    James Crawford

    Ray Glier is a journalist based in Atlanta. His work has appeared in USA TODAY, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and Al Jazeera America. He is a 1981 graduate of West Virginia University.

    YOU ARE...and always have been...A PATERNO HATER. Now, grow up and try to understand real justice and how, many of the misguided ones...like you, will always run from it...to suit your own immediate needs.

  • Mike Leaper posted 1345 days ago

    Mike Leaper

    Joe Paterno an enabler? Do you have some evidence? People like you enjoy and I guess have a need to blame someone. If you had done any real research and were intelligence enough, you would have asked yourself, are pedophiles so easy to stop that anyone working with them over many years should know? Are they good at hiding what they do from everyone including family members? Where is the evidence that Joe knew what the scrum bag was doing and made a choice to ignore it? I guess when notified police or discuss the matter with Schultz he was trying to hide the matter?

    Dude, do some investigation and research before you take to the pen next time. What a BS article.

  • Alex Landis posted 1376 days ago

    Alex  Landis

    You Sir, are a disgrace to journalism. Then again, you did graduate from West Virgina, can we expect anything else??

  • Lowell Rickert posted 1399 days ago

    Lowell Rickert

    Hi Ray my name is Lowell Rickert I'm from Millersburg,PA hope all is well with you. I'm writing you in regards to your article about PSU and JoePa getting their wins back and you think its wrong. Let me give you a lesson. 1st off NO NCAA RULES WERE BROKEN. Can you tell me what NCAA rules PSU broke? Next if you think JoePa is guilty and could have done more you are wrong again. JoePa's quote "I wish I could have done more" means exactly what it says. If Joe tried to more he would have hampered a PA State Police investigation therefore he would have gotten into big time trouble. This so called cover up. 1st off Joe never had a computer in his office and he never had a cell phone. Joe had a personal secretary do all his correspondence. Also the subject of those emails in question. What were the subject of those emails? Next why haven't you and the rest of the national media hammer Central Mountain High School in their role in this scandal. What about Cynthia Baldwin who was representing Curley, Schultz and Spanier and then go to the prosecution. What for crap is that? What about the campaign contributions Attorney General Tom Corbett at the time received from the 2nd Mile. What about the unfound body of Ray Gricar. What about the victims who said Sandusky did nothing and then change their mind? To me the defense attorneys wanted a big pay day and didn't care about ethics. What about a member of the NCAA Executive Committee who recently came out and said he didn't read the Freeh Report when he voted on PSU punishment. Are you kidding me. NO ONE, NOT ONE MEDIA person I've contacted the last couple of years have been able to give me an answer and I doubt you can as well. Before you rip PSU do your homework. I've followed this case from day 1 and everything that I said would happen has happened. Again do your homework the media hasn't from day 1 and wont now. Have a nice night.

  • Christopher Miller posted 1399 days ago

    Christopher Miller

    Forever sick of the media....This should be at the top of every news article. "The reversal of the NCAA sanctions on Penn State had nothing to do with Joe Paterno and restoring of his wins. The reversal of the NCAA sanctions had to do with the NCAA illegally sanctioning Penn State in the first place. The purpose of the legal case was to try to keep the $60 million dollar fine within the state of PA. While investigating the case, it was determined that the NCAA had no authority to implement the sanctions in the first place. Penn State could have chosen to return the money back to the school but decided there was still a need to help rescued children so it is keeping the money ear marked for that purpose." There will never be real journalism in this country again. You never hear the truth anymore. Just write whatever you think people will grasp on to regardless if it's the truth or not.

  • John Waha posted 1399 days ago

    John Waha

    This is why I dislike most columnists. You have to continuously “stir the pot of controversy” to make a name for yourself and sell internet space. You take the cake on this one Ray. Hell you live in Atlanta and probably can’t even spell Pennsylvania State University, let alone be someone who could or should comment on their business.
    111 wins were mostly earned by hard-working, dedicated athletes, who sacrificed their minds and bodies to accomplish a team goal. Their play glorified our University and made all who attended there Penn State Proud. Taking 111 wins away only hurt the athletes, not Joe or the school. Innocent people were punished. Another MISTAKE committed by the NCAA when they we overstepping their bounds in handing down punishment.
    And let’s finalize one more point. EVERY company in America has a sexual harassment policy. Those policies require you to report any issues you see to the Human Resources Department or your supervisor. The University is a company. It has a policy and Joe followed the rules of the policy by reporting what he was told to his superiors. You don’t run right to the police. I’m not going to defend his superiors if they did not take his information and act properly. Courts are going to decide their fate.
    Get off of Joe’s case. He is dead. If there is a punishment to be given to him, God has done it. Unfortunately for you the sky is still blue, confirming God is a Penn State fan. Get over yourself and write about the downfall of the SEC and how the Big 10 is a resurgent conference. You can’t discount the National Champion, who beat the SEC’s best on the field.

  • William Gilchrist posted 1399 days ago

    William Gilchrist

    Your PSU article is dumb and erroneous. What, nothing happening in SEC/ACC land so let's try and find something to write today? Auditioning to be Olbermann's butt boy? Poor Bulldog football off season got you down? Trying to get an interview with Bobby Bowden and he won't talk to you? Bleacher needed somebody to write the negative PSU article this month and you lost? Hmmmm....I might be onto to something with this one eh Mr. Freelance with the anti-PSU POV........(point of view for you in the SEC/ACC land)

  • Rick Thomson posted 1399 days ago

    Rick Thomson

    It is my hope that perhaps someday we might find a "journalist" who actually seeks out the facts of a situation before pontificating their opinion about something as if it were factual. The NCAA had no standing in the Sandusky matter as it was a criminal case. They felt public pressure to "do something" so they ignored their own by-laws and constitution as well as due process. It was clear when they issued the sanctions and even clearer now that the testimony exists from those involved in preparation for the trial that the NCAA avoided with the current replacement consent decree.

    Relative to Joe Paterno's alleged knowledge of Sandusky's actions, the Freeh Report has been thoroughly discredited as has Mike McQuery's story as he has presented multiple versions of what he thought he saw. More importantly, the boy in the shower, who was 14 at the time, is Alan Meyers. On the day Joe Paterno was fired, Alan, then a Marine, issued a statement saying nothing inappropriate ever occurred with Sandusky, much less on the day that McQuery could not even remember in which year the his alleged sighting occurred. Joe was innocent.

  • David Brodhecker posted 1400 days ago

    David Brodhecker

    Do you actually have two brain cells that within close proximity of each other? Just wondering, because this article shows that you have done no research to gather facts to support your diatribe. I've seen diarrhea that has had more factual content. I guess the fact that you are a WVU grad explains a lot, being JoePa's bitch all those years leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If you ever want to try to be a real reporter you can start at FramingPaterno.com They have gathered together all the latest information so you can become somewhat educated, but lacking interconnected brain cells will put you at a great disadvantage to any Penn State graduate.