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Dearborn, Michigan resident - ND graduate 81', Detroit College of Law 88'

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  • Kyle Gibson posted 2116 days ago

    Kyle Gibson

    Alright Dan, so what's your take on VanGorder?

  • Mike Muratore posted 2449 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    Hey Dan... did you ever get to the FC status? I have always loved your stuff and I'll come back here basically just to read it!
    Unfortunately, I'm done writing here... it's just not worth it for me right now... but as I fade away I wanted to thank you for the great QB discussions we have had... and for writing some really witty really funny stuff!
    Keep it going, good luck, and Go IRISH!

  • terry rolling posted 2521 days ago

    terry rolling

    just checked Basketball schedules - Indiana does NOT play Notre Dame this year - too bad. you were there in the seasons of Kelly Tripucka, Bill Hanzlik, Big Bill Laimbeer, and OOOOOrlando Woolridge - those were great years, and I went to a lot of the games. It was great fun to see Big Bill with his 1/2" vertical leap, and always looked forward to his first pick set to knock the defender on their ass.
    ND v Bama looks like a lock and it should be close - I'm thinking 24-21 either way

  • Brian Frisch posted 2594 days ago

    Brian Frisch

    Hey Dan. I really can't wait for your article about this game. I want to know if Golson was not understanding the calls from the sideline causing the problems with the play clock. I also want to know if Golson was better than pre-snap reads could have caused better blitz protection.

  • Michael Case posted 2774 days ago

    Michael Case

    WTF? Did you see our whole conversation about Ryan got deleted and now he's not putting his name on his work and deleted his bio? I can't believe he got that upset about it. I guess I was right; he's not going to go far as a writer on B/R or anywhere else.

  • Michael Case posted 2798 days ago

    Michael Case

    Hey Dan: It's about time you wrote an article. I'm getting sick of reading the BS being published on this website. Please give us something factual and entertaining.

  • Sterling James posted 2910 days ago

    Sterling James

    Mr. S,

    What did you think of BK calling out the players he didn't recruit? The twitter app is blowing up with anger from the CW recruited kids. BK was being interviewed yesterday by the ND press corp when he said he was having a tough time getting the people he didn't recruit to perform his way.

  • Joe Taylor posted 2910 days ago

    Joe Taylor

    That last Irish article was perfect man, couldn't put it any better. I'm 20 years old and like you said I have never known the ND my dad does but I've seen his pain since I was about 5 years old game in and game out. I love ND but as you put it we really aren't relevant and I wish the media would take ND out of their lens. ND is 4 and 0 against the FBS and 0 and 3 against themselves. has any team ever lost back to back games while putting up 500 yards of offense in both games?(USF and MICH) this team really bugs me. As much as i like BK, he has to come up with an answer quick.

  • Notre Dame posted 2914 days ago

    Notre Dame


    I apologize for writing again after my long message. I meant to say "I know everyone on here doesn't think Mike's crap stinks". I'm sure you understood.

    He called me a stalker in his message to you. He is such a phony and it makes me sick. I can't be the only one that sees it.

    Mike likes to say that he isn't a "rah rah rah" Notre Dame fan. But a open-minded realistic fan that can criticize Notre Dame. That is the same thing Longdong Silver said. He is such a phony. He flip-flops on all of his critiques. When someone disagrees with him he will write another article that contradicts his previous.

    I'm done venting about Mike.

    Keep up the good articles,


  • Notre Dame posted 2914 days ago

    Notre Dame

    Hi Dan-

    I don't know if you remember me or not. I was on this site last season up until about January of February of this year. I got tired of Longdong Silver and people like Mike defending him. As you know Longdong Silver would trash Notre Dame and the University on day and the next he would be a good little fan and say nice stuff about Notre Dame. Mike would praise him and "Like" his positive comments and I simply would say Longdong Silver is not a Notre Dame fan. He was on here just to get attention and get Notre Dame fans riled up. One day Longdong Silver was really trashing the the University and saying horrible things about Priest and I engaged him. It was on one of Mike's articles and he chimed it. Mike posted back that Longdong Silver is a true realistic Notre Dame fan and that he was good for bleacher report. He said Longdong Silver was good for bringing in the comments and reads. I commented back to Mike that I lost all respect for him for saying Longdong Silver is a true Notre Dame fan and good for bleacher report. Mike in return blasted me and posted some nasty comments. He got worried about what he posted and sent me a message on my bulletin board:
    In all seriousness...
    I don't know what happened here in our little exchange...but I swear to you I had no hostility toward you and meant no offense.
    I am sending a private message because I want this to be private, and not part of our little public exchange.
    I only want to swear to you that I am a true ND fan, and believe in (among other things) the direction of this program.
    It is my job as a BR columnist to reply to all posts... they Trey asks us to... sometimes gives us prompts to write on... so it's not all my desire. I'd love to ignore LongDong. He is a dick. Everything he says clearly defines him as a total asshole.
    But I have to engage him. It's kinda my job.

    I certainly did not mean to hurt your feelings, and realize that I pushed things too far.
    I am sorry.
    No matter what you feel about me in the future, know that I truly meant no harm.
    Go Irish!

    He is so patronizing and condescending. He doesn't know what happened in our "little" exchange and I am sending a private message because I want this to be private, and not part of our "little" public exchange. He also said he didn't mean to hurt my feeling. Like he is capable of hurting my feelings. He clearly apologized and said that he pushed things too far.

    I stopped reading and commenting on his articles for 5 or 6 months when on another writer's article that Uncle P. and Longdong Silver were as usual trashing Notre Dame and someone commented that they believed Uncle P.and Longdong Silver were the same person and then someone commented that they were Mike. That is when I made the mistake of commenting. I posted that I too believed Uncle P. and Longdong Silver are one the writers on here just to get the read and comment count up. I didn't mention any writer by name and Mike once again went on the attack. He accused me of stalking his articles and called me a stalker. I told him that he needs to watch making that type of accusation and that I could easily prove that I hadn't commented on his articles in 5 or 6 months. He got me banned from the site. If that wasn't bad enough he kept calling me a stalker when someone posted criticism of his articles. He likes calling help Mitch when they criticize his articles. I made a new account to post on the site and he got me banned from using that handle. He lied about me. He said I was always harassing Longdong Silver and I told Longdong Silver to leave the site. I never told Longdong Silver to leave the site. I simply said Longdong Silver isn't a Notre Dame. Mike kept making accusations and calling me stalker and I told him to stop and he didn't. So I made up another account and showed a little of what stalking is.

    Mike does copy your articles. I know everyone on here doesn't think Mike's crap doesn't stink but this a phony. You will write an article and within a few days Mike re-writes your article and gets Featured and yours gets downgraded. He doesn't just do it with you. He also copies Connor and a few others. Your articles are so much better. You are straight to the point and not long-winded and you don't add personal fluff like Mike.

    Just to set the record straight....I wasn't stalking Mike. Mike just can't admit when he is wrong and this site is how Mike gets attention.

    Take Care,