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  • Al Terago posted 2494 days ago

    Al Terago

    have you ever researched the origin of your last name?

  • Mike Vee posted 3260 days ago

    Mike Vee

    John- As a fellow Pens fan I have to take exception with your profile. As much respect as I have for the Packers, the Yankees are by far the greatest sports franchise. No team can match the history both on and off the field. As much as I hate to say it, the Habs probably come in at #2.....Keep up the Pens articles!

  • juan roman riquelme posted 3514 days ago

    juan roman riquelme

    i still big havent finished celebrating john hehehehe!!!!! O my god i won like fifty bets against "the metal boys" hehehe.... I love it how they talked all that smack about roethlisberger this and that, and how experience was going to be a huge factor??? And look at them now theyre quiet all of a sudden... I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!! Anyway i hope this a beggining of a new era with RODGERS at the helm. GO PACKERS FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!