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I have lived in the D.C. area my entire life. Ever since I can remember I have been a die-hard fan of all local sports teams, however, it wasn't until college until I realized that I wanted to write about them. I am new to the Bleacher Report and will provide articles based on Washington's college and professional teams. Hope you all enjoy.

Oh and I don't want Cowboys fans reading this.

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  • Will Fairfax posted 2810 days ago

    Will Fairfax

    I was interested in writing for bleacher report. I have written for my high school and college newspapers as well as my local paper. What would your advice be about working for bleacher report or as a sports journalist in general. I applied to work at bleacher report, but no one contacted me about it.

  • Adam Minkoff posted 2842 days ago

    Adam Minkoff

    Tom, I was reading through when i noticed who wrote it. Awesome. Hope all is well!

  • The Dawg posted 2867 days ago

    The Dawg

    little rich boys from the beltway who have never played a down of real football in their life shouldnt write about something they dont understand ... stick to lacrosse and soccer articles you lame ...

  • Bob Michels posted 2876 days ago

    Bob Michels

    Do you think we should gamble on ray ray armstrong and/or Mathieu this coming draft?

  • John John posted 3015 days ago

    John John

    I enjoy and share your distaste for the Cowboys. HTTR.

  • Chad Boutchyard posted 3084 days ago

    Chad Boutchyard

    tom, in your article about the redskins dept chart, you had many many mistakes. hmm, where to begin? lets start with NT, you said griffin played NT for the first time, thats wrong. griffin was a NT in college and questions coming into the NFL was if he could adapt to a 4-3 DT. you also said the redskins didnt address KR/PR in the draft, well yes they did with the last two picks. BOTH returned kicks in college and both are being considered here. your down on Brown and at RT but before he reinjured his hip due to scar tissue he was playing good. Chester wasnt worth the money to you? he played every snap last year and is consistent as they come. every yeat the pay scale for veterans go up and you need to pay them. also you need to remember the redskins are building as opposed to built, we HAVE to pay a little extra to get a player that could go to a playoff ready team. you didnt mention this but in this offense you dont need a number 1 WR, the TE is that option. this you did mention, about a copy cap league and teams will copy the patriots. um, shanahans offense was doing that before the patriots. go back the bronco and 49er days, the TE's were featured big time and in the case for denver the TE was often the leading receiver on the team. i can keep going but i feel if i write a book here you wont read all of it so thats all for now. dont take this as criticism but rather a fan of yours pointing out a few things.
    looking forward to rading more of your articles,'

  • Chadd Taura posted 3269 days ago

    Chadd Taura

    This is pretty sweet. RIP Sean Taylor