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  • Badan Singh posted 409 days ago

    Badan Singh

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  • Beau Styron posted 860 days ago

    Beau Styron

    How do you feel Oregon hasn't put out NFL talent at the wide receiver position? Have you ever heard of Brandin Cooks? Should have read your bio...Kitty-Kat fan no wonder you seemed so down on the Saints.

  • Matthew Tyndall posted 1053 days ago

    Matthew Tyndall


    My name is Matthew Tyndall and I work for a local production company in Charlotte called, Priceless Misc. As a team of die-hard Carolina fans, we have been so excited about the Panthers’ season success and wanted to find a way to show our Panther pride all over the internet. After a couple weeks of work, we created a free emoji keyboard that we call, Purrmoji. This keyboard features fan-favorites like The Dab, Stone Faced Ron Rivera and Charlotte’s beloved Disco Chicken.

    Since it’s release on Tuesday January 19th, we have had 10K+ users and climbing as we get closer to Sunday’s big game! It’s quickly becoming a viral hit in Charlotte.

    Fans are loving Purrmoji and we can’t wait to see how they use them during the NFC Championship. If you would like to talk more about our keyboard, or would like quotes from it’s creators, feel free to reach out to me. You can download Purrmoji from at http://purrmoji.com/.

    TWC News: http://www.twcnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2016/01/20/panthers-emoji-app-launched-by-charlotte-based-companies.html

    Charlotte Observer: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/panther-tracks/article55599105.html

    CLTure: http://clture.org/charlotte-based-companies-develop-panthers-themed-purrmojis/

    Keep Pounding,
    Matthew Tyndall

    Partner - Priceless Misc

  • Lets Go posted 1081 days ago

    Lets Go

    Get a life and write something real. U do not know shit about football. Rams beat seattle in week 1 cz Seahawks were not that good that time. Wilson will crush ur fucking Rams

  • Lets Go posted 1081 days ago

    Lets Go


  • Michael Allen posted 1165 days ago

    Michael Allen

    You went 12-3 ATS in NFL Week 3 games. BRAVO !!!!!!! Come on with IT, awaiting your Week 4 predictions.

  • Jake G posted 1190 days ago

    Jake G

    How do you say Shane Ray is a defensive ROY candidate in one article, then a week later, after he has a great game, you say he is a lucky pass rusher who won't play well this season in another article?

  • Pat Krouse posted 1293 days ago

    Pat Krouse

    I don't get how you can claim to be a knowledgable sports fan and continue to call it University of Indiana in every single article? Clearly, you must be from Harvard College or University of Yale...

  • Craig Rew posted 1301 days ago

    Craig Rew

    You put Time Tebow and you spelled it wrong.

  • Alex Jacobson posted 1338 days ago

    Alex Jacobson