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  • Vin theLip posted 2535 days ago

    Vin theLip

    Couple things...
    1. I don't see where I ever said Leake wasn't a quality pitcher.
    2. Leake is probably these decades Bob Knepper menaing good year one year and bad the next. Look at his career stats.
    3. A 2 or 3 on any team minus STl and Det??? Thanks for your exaggeration again. Only stl and Det really? In his own division the only team he'd be number 2 on is the Brewers.

  • Kyle Newport posted 2536 days ago

    Kyle Newport

    Are you willing to admit that Leake is a quality pitcher? His 2.60 ERA is lowest on the team among qualifiers and is slightly behind Cueto. He's doing incredible for a No. 5 starter, and he'd be a 2 or 3 on every other team (minus STL and DET).

  • Vin theLip posted 2607 days ago

    Vin theLip

    With all due respect, you sound like the 4 runs that Leake gave up didint matter but the one run Hoover gave up did. The Reds lost beacuse they played from behind all game. You also wrote, "Those arent bad for a #5," look again as a 6.00 ERA is bad for any starter.

  • Kyle Newport posted 2607 days ago

    Kyle Newport

    With all due respect, Leake didn't lose the game. It was Hoover. 6 IP, 6 hits and 4 runs were better then Strasburg's numbers today. Those aren't bad numbers for a #5.

    Having Chapman in the 9th also made for four stressfree ninth and tenth innings this week. And to go based off one "bad" start is just not fair. He's not Cueto, he's not Bailey. But he was cruising along for most of the game against a potent offense.

  • Kyle Newport posted 2612 days ago

    Kyle Newport

    Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with you that closers are overvalued. However, I think you don't mess with a guy like Chapman. In the playoffs, pitching wasn't the problem. The offense was. Yes, Leake had a rough outing but he wasn't even supposed to pitch in the series. So if Cueto stays healthy, you'd still want Chapman in the rotation? Who would you take out in the playoffs? Bailey and Bronson have been lights out in the postseason, Latos came up big (Game 5...whatever). Cueto did well in 2010. There's no weak spot there.