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Ryan 'RyCoTa' Braun is a Cleveland sports fan who draws pictures for CFAAP.COM and also writes for Bleacher Report and Cavs: the Blog. He was very proud of his one medal, but then he got some more and now he feels gluttonous.

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  • Corri Anderson posted 2119 days ago

    Corri Anderson

    I just read your NFL article about boneheads and I must say - even though I hate slideshows; hate the fact they have to refresh, and have hardly ever read one that is 12 or so slides in length until it's end, I read every word of each of the 50+ slides, hit a bunch of links, and enjoyed my favorite internet experience in years. Thanks for the memories and the effort;

  • aj smith posted 2625 days ago

    aj smith

    hey man, you put out the all speed team article out, when's the all heart and hustle team gonna its face? good work, by the way.

  • James Campbell posted 2630 days ago

    James Campbell

    By far the best columnist on here minus your favorite teams hahah keep doing your thing

  • rose tant posted 2647 days ago

    rose tant

    Your articles are witty and insightful. We enjoy reading them.

  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 2744 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man


  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 2772 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man

    Hillis 4 Madden cover man. make sure you vote!

  • Eli Nachmany posted 2800 days ago

    Eli Nachmany

    Read your last two articles and enjoyed them both. When I saw you authored both I was pretty impressed. Keep writing, man!

  • Wanna be Anna's Man posted 2801 days ago

    Wanna be Anna's Man

    I feel sorry for the ram in your picture.