Orly Rios Jr.

Orly Rios Jr.


I love sports, period. Football is my first love, but i'm also a season's guy. When it's baseball season, it's baseball season. When it's hockey season, it's hockey season.

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  • Phong Ta posted 1741 days ago

    Phong Ta

    So how'd that whole Tom Brady is no Joe Montana, turn out?

  • Ryan L posted 3012 days ago

    Ryan  L

    No problem. Keep up the great work and my support will continue. :)

  • Rob Davis posted 3013 days ago

    Rob Davis

    Just read your profile, how can you say golf isn't a sport?

  • Shah Ransh posted 3013 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    No problem Orly. Keep it up.

  • Sports Lover posted 3013 days ago

    Sports Lover

    No problem.
    You are an awesome writer.Keep up the good job!

  • Mike Kent posted 3771 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi, the bleacher report fantasy baseball league is looking for players. If you want to play send me your email and I will send you a invite. First come first serve

  • George Graham posted 3772 days ago

    George  Graham

    Who do you think will a Super Bowl first the Cowboys or the 49ers?

  • Joseph Rascon posted 3798 days ago

    Joseph Rascon

    I have heard Tom Brady has had bad playoff games in his last 3, i have heard last 4, but it is really last 5. In 05 he threw an interception on the go ahead drive vs Denver followed by another interception on a go ahead drive vs Indy in 06. Then there was the superbowl, two years later 3 interception 1 lost fumble game agianst the Ravens and last night. Somebody needs to tell the whole story. If the media does not say it, to few people have the mind to see things for themselves and ignore the medias lies. i.e. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.