I am Tishan Varghese,basically from India,living in Ireland and a die hard Liverpool fan.I love to play soccer,read articles,never get enough of soccer news,transfer gossips, transfer stories and cheer to the core when Liverpool FC is on the field. Being a true and huge Liverpool fan,I closely watch all the games . I normally go through and see all the league games in Europe and cover most of the leagues ranging from Spanish League, Bundesliga along with Italian Serie A, French, Dutch, Russian and Portugese leagues. I love to write articles,travel a lot,cheer my club and very friendly by nature.

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  • Philip Varghese posted 2709 days ago

    Philip Varghese

    Yes bro. Kindly add me - http://www.facebook.com/philip.varghese.7543?ref=tn_tnmn

  • Sports Lover 2.0 posted 2753 days ago

    Sports  Lover 2.0

    Who's your favourite soccer player?

  • Vince Siu posted 2764 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Thanks for the fan add, Tishan. Much appreciated. Hope you continue to check out my work.

  • The Ocean posted 2782 days ago

    The Ocean

    "Spurs and Everton are selecting players on the basis of their current form on pitch and not by favouritism of their coaches"

    So, by your logic, if Everton, say, next season, becomes a sh!t team (just an example) they're gonna buy sh!t players because of their form? Sorry, that makes no sense.

    "Allen has the potential, but how did he fade into a mediocre player after coming to LFC?"

    He was our best player for many games while playing out of position. What? A player can't have a run of bad games? Where's your criticism of Gerrard? or Reina?
    Regarding Downing... He had like, 2 good seasons? And what happened to him? Pressure happened. Some players shine on the big stage, some fade. That's just Downing... And I hope you realize that it was Dalglish who f*cked up with the Downing signing, not Brendan.

    "Dont compare the years of Alonso, Mascherano , Hyypia etc with the current regime. They were all well nurtured at LFC by brilliant coaches like Rafa and his assistants unlike what is happening at the club currently."

    I'm not comparing anything, I'm giving you examples. Also, as I said in the article before, no one ever knew that those players who were bought when young would ever turn out to be THE players they are/were.

    "A club develops only when they have the right player in the right positions and when they have a contingency plan to implement."

    Exactly... Brendan doesn't have the right players at his disposal just yet. Take Downing and Carroll for example. They're not gonna fit into his system, ever. Neither will Enrique apparently, because he's so inconsitent on defense and there are better options for a left-winger out there. Now, that is just me saying he might leave the club, there's no real rumour or anything regarding that.

    "But Can you show me some evidence to believe the transformation happening at the club?."

    1 - FSG saved us from bankruptcy, hence why we're not in the same situation as Valencia, or both Milan clubs, for example.
    2 - It is too soon too grade Rodgers' as a Liverpool manager, but so far, financially, so good. He has the right mindset, and has an eye for talent (Allen was not a starter at Swansea early on, Sigurdsson was relegated to the bench at Hoffenhein, Assaidi was at Hereeveen, Yesil is Germany's best U17 goal scorer).

    "As half of the season is played, sitting on 10th position with 25 points is definitely not a sign of transformation and is clearly an evidence to get better players and strategies to make it happen atleast in 2 years time."

    As I said before, Rodgers doesn't have the right players for the job with the way the squad is currently built. Although I do agree that better players must be bought, simply because we can't depend on a group of U20's and have them play a major part of our offense. That just doesn't work, specially in the EPL, unless they're Goetze or Neymar.

    "And do you really think we will get battered by a scoreline of 3-0 by Astonvilla at Anfield during the years of Alonso, Masc, Hyppia and Torres ?."

    Absolutely not, and hopefully that will be the case from here on out.

    Listen, I've read some of your comments and we're not too far off on opinion:
    "Sign Holtby and Ince to fill the midfield slot and Walcott for the striker role and Buttland as the Goal keeper."

    Absolutely, that's I wanted as well. Of course I'll take Sturridge if he does indeed come to Liverpool, but those players you listed are the players I wanted too.

  • Mister Hendrick posted 3075 days ago

    Mister Hendrick