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Sebastian attended the University of Massachusetts Boston, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing. During his time there he spent five years working for the student newspaper The Mass Media—three years as the Sports Editor and another two as the Business manager.

Currently, he works as a college football on-call writer for Bleacher Report, as well as a high school sports correspondent for The Boston Globe. Sebastian also freelances for The Patriot Ledger and the University of Tufts athletic department.

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  • Kade Bollinger posted 1449 days ago

    Kade Bollinger

    Dude, you should write an article on why the Big 12 is on par with the sec this year. Or a very close second best conference.....

  • Kade Bollinger posted 1478 days ago

    Kade Bollinger

    Man, you get a lot of hate on here man.

    Don't listen to them. You're a great article writer. They're just biased towards their own team.

  • Heisenberg posted 1506 days ago


    I just wanted to note something on your last ND article. While ND may in fact be 0-4 against ranked teams since 2012, can you see why that is a skewed stat?

    Notre Dame beat Michigan St. & USC last year (who finished #3 & #19, respectively). I think we can both agree that it is much more important where the teams finished rather than where they were ranked when they played them. Especially since they played MSU so early and handed them their only loss of the entire season. I mean, that's a team that could have played for the national championship potentially w/o a Notre Dame loss.

    I just hope you see this comment and perhaps take stats like that into account before making a point in an article.

  • Kade Bollinger posted 1751 days ago

    Kade Bollinger

    Dude, you should start doing articles for OU men's basketball team. Nobody is.

  • Peter Richman posted 1754 days ago

    Peter Richman

    No insinuation on my end, Sebastian, just offering a friendly reminder based on the amount, and type, of errors given the length of the piece. I promise it's not personal—all from an objective standpoint to help writers. Definitely inbox me if you want to discuss more, and keep up the good work.

  • Paul Swaney posted 1762 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    Thanks for the article about our ranking list at Stadium Journey. Hope you'll stay in touch... We recently published our FCS rankings for the year and will do an FBS ranking this week or next -

  • Tyler Collison posted 1768 days ago

    Tyler Collison

    Gah, that's an aggravating flub on my part, Sebastian. I should've clicked through one more link on the Sports Reference site; it shows that LSU ended 2003 at No. 2 in the AP Poll, and I just accepted that rather than digging any deeper. Sorry for making you look bad, won't happen again.

  • Capt Boomer posted 1774 days ago

    Capt Boomer

    Tap the brake pedal before you start sending out Trevor for Heisman articles. At least let the dude put together two good games in a row before the Heisman talk starts.

  • Paul Choe posted 1810 days ago

    Paul Choe

    dude, i don't understand your hatred for ohio state

  • Barry McAllister posted 1833 days ago

    Barry  McAllister

    That article on Miles security Sucked, like I said earlier, you need to keep your day job Sebastian. I see now that you are a Boomer Sooner, that explains it, the SEC and LSU owns your Sooner ASSES!!!!!