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  • The f%@k dude! Where are you missing? Come back king.

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1626 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Manchester United!

  • bruce wayne posted 1663 days ago

    bruce wayne


  • Y2B posted 1698 days ago


    "I controlled a Beast, and sent him to destroy the legend that was the Undertaker!" Haha, I sometimes live in a fantasy world and I write without explaining haha. At Axxess I went to Taker's graveyard and took my seat upon his throne lol. Haha, once I controlled the darkness now, I was able to summon a beast from the grave. The Beast Incarnate, BRAAHHCKKK LESSSNARRR. I sent him to finish the Dead Man, once and for all. Muhahaha. HAHAHAA.

    RIP Dream. Truly was very agile for his size, and the mic skills were amazing. I keep reflecting on Paul Heyman's emulation of him. It was just spot on! I truly hope Cody is given a chance to honour his father in the squared circle!

  • DG Skilla posted 1705 days ago

    DG Skilla

    ''Well, they are destroying BNB so bad. They took his "I'm afraid I've got some bad news" phrase. I was happy when he won KOTR but now it meant nothing. Losing to guys like R truth and losing 99% of his matches. But he'll overcome the creative burial again as usual lol. I wanted Ambrose to win MITB for months but he was in WWE title match. I don't mind Sheamus winning. There wasn't a single person in the match I would like to see winning MITB anyway. Glad Reigns got away from Rollins atleast for sometime lol. Bray have great mic skills. Both lacks proper ring skills. I don't expect good matches from them. Only average ones. Is that you on the pic buts?''

    Yeah, they took dat again because he was actually getting over. The HOF speech ( 14 ) confirmed it. He could've been like a TMZ ( dirt sheet ) kinda guy, creeping around and dropping bombshells on wrestlers, the industry, smarks, etc. This reminds me of Sean O Haire back in early 03. We are in the new age of internet. So why not expose or fabricate the business a little? This catches the attention of viewers, mainstream, etc. Alright, back 2 Barrett. You can't even say the WWE bobbleheads think like me. I can fathom Wade as a strong midcarder. Apparently, they just see an unworthy specimen. But why have him win KOTR? They're basically saying the traditional tournament means absolutely nothing! Dean was targeting Seth. Still... going with Sheamus was dumb. They pushed the restart button with him and he'll never be a credible champion. Reigns is crawling back into the title picture once he's done with Bray. I'm predicting one or 2 PPVs. It's very polarizing... but they should have given Reigns the briefcase and cash in at WM. But of course... the Vince Mcmahon dream is Cena / Reigns. Yes, that's me... no ifs, ands or BUTS about it.

  • Not much anymore. I've been using B/R less now than I used to.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1708 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Well my current fave is Seth Rollins, followed by Dean Ambrose (I don't see anyone dethroning them from my top 2 spots for years to come). My fave of all time is Jeff Hardy. If u want to know any more folks I like, just take a look at my bio. It's a pertty extensive list lol.

  • Y2B posted 1710 days ago


    I did. I took my place as the new face of fear... I controlled a Beast, and sent him to destroy the legend that was the Undertaker!

    The streak ending was hurtful, painful, but at the same time, I was able to stand and clap and cheer a bit. I was there, to witness history you know? It was like, an epic Wrestlemania moment!!!

    Dusty... truly tragic death. I am not going to act like I knew Dusty as a wrestler, but I've seen some old matches with him. My dad knew him well, actually saw him compete at events and stuff. He told me some great stories after I told him about Dusty! What do you think man? His legend will live on!!

  • DG Skilla posted 1711 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Besides Cena, Nikki and Rollins, the results caught me a little off guard. Ryback vs Big Show meant little 2 me. Wade Barrett should have NEVER lost to R-Truth. What was the point of crowning him KOTR? The tournament is suppose 2 launch legends! Sheamus winning MITB does make sense if you're a promotional driven madman. This rapid push was for one reason particularly. The outside Hollywood deal. The fact that he won proves the WWE botched up creatively. Reigns was already booked in the match. So ( predictable or not ) let him win and chase after Seth Rollins. Bray was directionless since WM 31 anyway. In my opinion, Bray vs Reigns does nothing for either man. I guess there needed 2 be a buzz in the tag team division. Prime Time beating the New Day was unexpected.

  • Hey man. I'm good, how are you?