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  • camille brunovaldez posted 2143 days ago

    camille brunovaldez

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  • Bill Deed posted 2555 days ago

    Bill Deed

    I can't believe your disrespect or lack of understanding for Billy Smith and his performance during the Islanders Dynasty. You rank him at number 19 for a list of all time playoff goalies? That's despicable. Battlin' Billy Smith should probably be in the Top 5 all time playoff goalies, 100% Top 10 at least.

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 2610 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah

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  • Avro Arrow posted 2886 days ago

    Avro Arrow

    Top 50 hockey cities and you put an American city, BOSTON ahead of MONTREAL? You have just proven how ignorant so many Americans are about hockey in Canada.

  • Jamey Vinnick posted 3193 days ago

    Jamey Vinnick

    Thank god you've stopped writing hockey. Every article somehow takes a shot at the Canucks

  • Kermit Taub posted 3217 days ago

    Kermit Taub

    20 Most Ridiculous Team Nicknames in Hockey History = Epic Fail. On my list of 20 lamest Bleacher Report stories ever. Dayton Gems? They represent the Gem City. Got a problem with that? The Macon Whoopee? It's freakin' hilarious. Especially if you've ever heard of the song. Macon Trax is kinda fun, too, but Whoopee trounces that. With Tucson and the Texas Wildcatters, seems like you're ragging on the logo, not the name. And what's with the insistence that hockey team names have to have something to do with ice (see your comments on S.C. Stingrays, Bakersfield Condors, Baton Rouge Kingfish, Abilene Aviators). What the hell does a Bear or an Eagle or a Packer or a 49er have to do with football? What does a bull or a hawk have to do with basketball? What does a Black Hawk have to do with hockey? The names cited at least are reflective of the regions the teams play in. As are Saginaw Gears and Atlanta Thrashers. They're not generic. The brown thrasher is the state bird of Georgia, so the Atlanta NHL team name made sense, too. As much as the Baltimore Orioles, anyway. Going after Seattle Metropolitans and Vancouver Millionaires is way too easy. We're talking there about the dark ages of sports identities. New York Highlanders or Brooklyn Superbas, anyone? Boston Beaneaters? And as it happens, the owners of the Vancouver team WERE pretty well off. They built arenas in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C., and basically bankrolled the Pacific Coast league. They'd also played in northern Ontario for a team that was so audacious in signing up free agents that they were called the Renfrew Millionaires. So I wouldn't be surprised if Frank and Lester Patrick brought the Millionaires name with them.

  • ED Olcbyh posted 3224 days ago

    ED Olcbyh

    Dude, your article "The Toughest Player in the History of Each NHL Team" http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1111593-the-toughest-player-in-the-history-of-each-nhl-team/page/31 was an abomination. I guess you have to be a Canadian over 50 years old to know what tough is, because you sure don't.

    Borje Salming tough? I almost peed myself. Maybe you were thinking of choir boys. No Bobby Clark or Dave Shulz? Good Lord!

    The whole article is a travesty and a waste of bandwidth. Do better.

  • Tre posted 3273 days ago


    Hey Tab, Is your CommittedIndians sight down? I haven't been able to access it in the last couple days.

  • josh dahmer posted 3316 days ago

    josh dahmer

    you really have some big haters on this website. i have no problem with you or your writing since this is an opinion based site. i can say that i rarely agree with your personal opinions but theres no reason for all this hating

  • Johnny brown posted 3326 days ago

    Johnny brown

    when will you learn to write and use legitimate arguments?