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My faith comes first in my life. Without it, I don't know where I'd be. My wife and my son are numbers two and three in my life. After that, everything else takes care of itself.

I spent five years on active-duty in the Army and three years in the Army Reserves, while I went to college at Kennesaw State University. I also spent four years as the sports editor for a daily newspaper in north Georgia before getting married.

You can follow me on Twitter: @chris_stephens6

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  • john CARRANZA posted 2137 days ago

    john CARRANZA

    contact me on my email id

    Wants to talk with you personally..I have offer for you...

  • john Campbell posted 2425 days ago

    john Campbell

    Howdy Chris, In your recent BR - Auburn article "10 reasons" You say "lucky" WAY too many times. In fact Auburn WAS lucky to get the tipped pass, but they also had gotten themselves in a position to win the game with that play. They also had stopped A. Murray on 4th and goal. Replays obviously point that out. How the refs missed it is incomprehensible. That "miracle" pass & catch was just a karmic make-up play. Auburn thoroughly outplayed GA for 3 quarters and you do not give them enough credit for that.
    I also believe Auburn matches up very well with bama. Auburn's"O" line and Jay Prosch blocking is the reason they will steadily move the ball against the tide.
    One more thing: Auburn is not afraid of bama at all.
    Son of Bono
    Roanoke, VA

  • notta tard posted 2463 days ago

    notta tard

    the haka wasn't made famous by the university of hawaii, it was made famous by new zealnd's rugby team, the all-blacks. a simple google search would have informed you of this. part of being a journalist involves doing a bit of research. smh

  • Jonathan Brent posted 2488 days ago

    Jonathan Brent

    No problem! Thanks for writing!

  • Aaron Posey posted 2498 days ago

    Aaron Posey

    I've always enjoyed your articles, whether I agree with your points or not. However, after leaving a positive comment on your "Braun Calling Fans to Apologize" article, contradicting the heavy criticism you were receiving, you replied in a manner that suggests hastiness and a lack of professionalism. I don't comment on B/R articles to get feedback from the author. You've already made your point and shouldn't feel the need to defend yourself. But, if you do, you may want to give the commenter the same courtesy they have already extended to you and actually read what they have to say.

  • zac callahan posted 2518 days ago

    zac callahan

    Next time you talk about the the 1985 denkinger call you should know the whole story. you obviously havent seen the whole game. and the game after so please dont make false claims on how the cardinals should have won. there was a game seven!

  • Jason Gehrlein posted 2541 days ago

    Jason Gehrlein

    Thank you very much for your thoughts.

  • Jason Gehrlein posted 2541 days ago

    Jason Gehrlein

    Hello Mr.Stephens, I'm a reporter at USC's journalism site Neon Tommy and I'm covering the 2nd half of the Dodgers season. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on how you think it will pan out. Thank you.

  • Ely Sussman posted 2568 days ago

    Ely Sussman

    Well that's odd.

    Pretty sure I'm the only Ely Sussman in existence, but I've been wrong before. More likely, I made a profile way back when using a different e-mail (can't imagine why I would), or someone's being a troll, posting wacky comments with my name on it. But from the looks of it, the profile isn't active.

    Either way, thanks for letting me know!

  • Long gone posted 2580 days ago

    Long gone

    Wow is seems like you have no breaks with that many jobs.