Danny Webster is a member of the breaking news team at Bleacher Report, and is a soon-to-be graduate at UNLV majoring in journalism with a minor in history. He spent four years at his college newspaper, The Rebel Yell, writing sports and being an editor in some capacity. Danny has also done freelance work for the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and Kansas City Star. If not for coffee and Red Bull, he would not be here today.

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  • Robbie Leonard posted 1792 days ago

    Robbie Leonard

    Towson plays Loyola (Maryland) next round. Not Loyola Marymount...they don't have a lacrosse team.

  • Adam Hollman posted 1805 days ago

    Adam Hollman

    Danny, are YOU for real? You said:

    "Since their first season in 1991-92, the Sharks have never made the Western Conference Final. They've reached the second round nine times but have never inched close to winning the Stanley Cup Final."

    How does a so called "featured sports columnist" write something so blatantly false like this? Simple research (or general knowledge for true hockey fans) shows the Sharks reached the conference final just 5 years ago. Oh wait, they were there the year before that as well. How about 03/04? Three times Danny, they have been to the Conference Final 3 times.

    How does a sports writer get such basic facts so wrong? What are they teaching at UNLV? Unbelievable.

  • Timothy Wehner posted 1821 days ago

    Timothy Wehner

    "Women have played predominantly male sports on the high school and college levels with men, but nothing in the professional ranks yet."

    Look up Manon Rheaume.

  • John Sarteest posted 1890 days ago

    John Sarteest

    Eli wasn't deadpan, he was wrung out. Did you look at Archie Manning's face? He too looked serious, so to speak. The game wasn't over and they were calculating in their minds. They're football players.

  • John Sarteest posted 1890 days ago

    John Sarteest

    Eli was deadpan...as was Archie. They were both wrong out and the game wasn't over. Take a closer look at Archie Manning's face before you trash Eli.

  • Kathy Ross-johnson posted 1918 days ago

    Kathy Ross-johnson

    Garrett Ross-Johnson was sick and was unable to play in last Saturday's Blue Grey game. You reported on the wrong QB!! Hope we can clear that up.

  • Kathy Ross-johnson posted 1918 days ago

    Kathy Ross-johnson

    Garrett Ross-Johnson was sick and did was unable to play in the Blue Grey Game Last Saturday. Your article is not accurate!

  • Chris Myers posted 1946 days ago

    Chris Myers

    Nice Mock Draft article. How many times can one team draft the same player? and is Bosa a day 2 or day 3 pick. Or does he go undrafted? Please leave Mock Drafts to the experts my friend. Just saying.

  • Greg Hedges posted 1956 days ago

    Greg Hedges

    Dec. 3, you wrote re: UK loss to UCLA, "Calipari always finds a way to get his team back on track in time for the tournament." Like a couple of years ago - well, it was the NIT. Oh yeah, they bombed in 1st round... (Had to get in that dig on UK. I'm a KU fan. ;-) )

  • jeffrey lebowski posted 1977 days ago

    jeffrey lebowski

    Im curious that you think messi needs top storm back in order to persuade people to vote for him.So what about the previous 9 months where messi played incredibly,and the fact that his stats at least match or better ronaldos for the calender year,getting to the copa america final,winning four trophies,scoring goals of genius.and the fact that bookmakers have him as huge favorite to win it.Its almoost as if you watched very little football this year when you say messi will struggle to win over voters.