David Olson

David Olson


Originally born in Vorhees, New Jersey, my family soon moved to Racine, Wisconsin where I have lived ever since. Being raised in Wisconsin, I was greatly influenced by the culture of the state. The most prominent aspect of said culture was an unwavering devotion to the Green Bay Packers. Dating back to my very first encounter with the sport of football I have always been a loyal Packer fan.
As I was adopted into the cheesehead nation at a very young age, I was at first unaware of the rich history of the storied franchise. The rules and strategies of the sport were far beyond my comprehension and the extent of my Green Bay knowledge was merely that Brett Favre was the greatest thing in the history of football. However, it wasn't before long that the entire legacy of the Green Bay Packers was revealed to me. This revelation strengthened my dedication to the franchise and sparked a desire to research the entire history of the National Football League.
My first experiences commenting and actively participating in football media sites was during the end of the 2008 offseason. Because this was the same time Aaron Rodgers first started for Green Bay, he has become my standard in whom all other quarterbacks must measure up. Unsurprisingly, that standard has not been yet been exceded.
I now am not only a passionate fan, but also a shareholder in the Packers organization. I take to studying some film(particularly in the passing game as I am a fan from the most recent era of football) and analyze lists upon lists of stats. My loyalty to the Packers has drawn me to follow other Wisconsin teams such as the Brewer, Badgers, and Bucks. I have several accounts across multiple sports media websites and spend a good portion of my time contributing to each one.

You'll notice that I never once my mentioned my experiences playing football. That's because I'm tiny, thin, have terrible hands, and my parents had me avoid the sport like the plague. I grew up playing the beautiful game of good ol' British football which I have come to loathe. The concept of not using one's hands is a little pointless and inconvenient if you ask me.

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  • Patrick Certan posted 2286 days ago

    Patrick Certan

    brees throws to his running backs. So what.Sean Payton's offense is more diverse than mccarthys. Paytons offense requires everybody to get the ball. Mccarthy's offense is reliant on a lot of slant routes and play action bootlegs that leave receivers wide open. Rodgers throws a shitload of dink and dunk slants and yet no one kills him for that, but yet brees gets killed for one screen pass. Many times the backs run receiver like routes.

  • Gary Weber posted 2360 days ago

    Gary Weber

    I agree with you, I think also that the person who listed Soto and Walden ahead of Bishop and Hawk is goofy, both of those guys will play better with better D-Line play up front. Hope Worthy and Perry comes to play. That is where the Packers were hurting last year, no inside or outside pass rush and porous against the run both outside and inside. Go Pack! Gary Weber

  • Matt Miller posted 2387 days ago

    Matt  Miller

    David, I wanted to publicly apologize for my lack of patience in commenting. I appreciate your support and the time you take to not only read, but to also comment.

  • Ron K. posted 2471 days ago

    Ron K.

    While the Texans beat themselves with 4 turn overs, I still contend that they matched up in play against the Ravens, and I think if you are honest in assessing the play by both teams you would agree. It goes without saying(but I will) shoulda coulda woulda; a very different score without the gimme by Jones at muffed return(bonehead) even with the 3 int's by Yates both teams O's and D's mirrored each other.

  • Gregory Isaacs posted 2510 days ago

    Gregory Isaacs

    Stop being a lazy David. I've seen you write comments that are longer then the articles themselves on a DAILY BASIS. Enough is enough, it's time for you to stop being like me and only commenting, it's time for you to write articles. Now. Look at the comment you just made, add a slideshow to that, and that's better than most articles on here. I went ahead and hit the "become a fan" button already. You have a wealth of knowledge and this site could use you. Also you can do the aforementioned "objective" journalism thing which I cannot. Most of the writers have no idea what they're talking about. So go ahead and take 10 minutes and fill out the stupid form.