Joe Oneill

Joe Oneill


I'm of the opinion that every American boy should, at one point in their life, get on a pair of boxing gloves and go at it for two rounds. it should be a right of passage like oiling your first baseball mit or tying your first bowline knot.

As a traditionalist, and a purist, I refuse to follow MMA. I think you've either got to be a boxing fan or an MMA fan. Not both.

My favorite all-time fighters include Gene Tunney, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Calzaghe, and Micky Ward.

I'd like to see exactly one sanctioning body over boxing and the number of weight classes reduced from 17 to 8.

I'm also considering starting a column following the Portland Timbers - a minor league soccer club that receives absolutely no attention on Bleacher Report.

I think someone once wrote, 'writers aren't born, they're made.' If someone didn't write that, then I'm taking credit for it. I write because I have too. It's in my blood. I feel that much that is written on Bleacher Report is as good, and often times better, than what's written in the mainstream media.

Most of the time I enjoy the collaboration and banter with the other writers (with the exception of Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans). It's a solid community and I've enjoyed being part of it.

I graduated from Washington State University with a minor in creative writing. I'm currently working on publishing my second novel.

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  • Granville Ampong posted 3574 days ago

    Granville Ampong

    Dear Publisher:

    A very good friend who writes for Bleacher Report has just provided me a link to James Foley's article about me. I am surprised at the enviousness of this "kid" that has infected him about me. For next time, kindly tell him to be extra careful. I am warning him. I'd high respect for Bleacher Report but not this "Foleyssness".

    Just to let you know, I write for broadsheets, Tribune-USA and California Examiner and Nevada Examiner and for internet outlets, such as Yahoo-Associated Content and Examiner. These are all US-based publications, plus other Filipino-American newspapers.

    Contrary to Foley's impression of me, I am a US-educated fellow and not based in the Philippines.

    Kindly tell him to VERIFY his facts! I would not take further shots to embarrass him. Writing is simply my passion.

    Here's the link of his article:

    All the best,

    Granville Ampong

  • King J posted 3588 days ago

    King J

    Private Message me your Official Prediction Statement

  • Stew Flats posted 3950 days ago

    Stew Flats

    World Cup Power Rankings 3

    Also, have you seen Rooney's anger management programme?

  • Stew Flats posted 3953 days ago

    Stew Flats

    You may find this funny. Rooney rap song

  • Stew Flats posted 3955 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Tim Howard

  • Stew Flats posted 3956 days ago

    Stew Flats

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  • King J posted 3957 days ago

    King J

    An Important Message from the Boxing Community Leader.....

  • Stew Flats posted 3964 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Let me know what you think

  • Sudip Bagui posted 3976 days ago

    Sudip Bagui

  • John Doublin posted 3997 days ago

    John Doublin

    My first boxing article, feedback is appreciated.