My name is Joshua Logan I have been a wrestling fan since I was 4 years old. I grew up in the Hulkamania era of the business, but I became an addict when ECW began. I watched in awe as Shane Douglas spit on the NWA Title and stated its now the ECW championship and stood in horror when Owen Hart died on PPV. I saw the birth of Raw, survived the Attitude era, and even outlasted the assimilation of WcW. Now at the age of 27 I would say I have a good understanding of the art and I am able to read where a match is going to go as well as where the storyline is going.

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  • Josh Logan posted 3211 days ago

    Josh Logan

    I would like to appologize to everyone connect to the Bleacher Report Prediction League. I will no longer be able to host such a great and fun way to interact with oneanother. If anyone would like to take over, please feel free to do so.

  • Josh Logan posted 3388 days ago

    Josh Logan

    Hey everybody, so the Prediction League will begin again at WrestleMania, or maybe the Royal Rumble. We will have to see what is a better fit.

    This time around I will have a better system for points and for determining a winner. There might be different categories of participants since we gain so many leading up to the end of the PPV.

    I'll explain more as we get closer to the PPV's

  • Anthony Buccaroni posted 3450 days ago

    Anthony Buccaroni

    Uhh... did you decide not to do the Prediction League for Night of Champions?

  • Aaron Bradley posted 3460 days ago

    Aaron Bradley


  • Stephen Lyon posted 3492 days ago

    Stephen Lyon

    Anything for Hardcore Justice?

  • Aidan Collingwood posted 3504 days ago

    Aidan Collingwood

    when are the results for mitb prediction league going up

  • john landrigan posted 3519 days ago

    john landrigan

    I couldn't get on yesterday to predict for Destination X. Local power outages continued all day. Sux that there was no prediction league for that PPV.

  • Josh Logan posted 3520 days ago

    Josh Logan

    Hey, sorry for a late posting, but there will be no prediction league for Destination X. I am sorry if that is a shock or a bummer, but I have not had the time to catch up the league and would like to catch up before Money in the Bank and 3 PPVs are harder to get done then 2

  • Shaun Ryder posted 3520 days ago

    Shaun Ryder

    why's there no prediction league for Destination X?

  • Stephen Lyon posted 3521 days ago

    Stephen Lyon

    When you gonna be back and post the results? Been almost 3 weeks, and we've got a PPV tomorrow!