Anthony Kang

Anthony Kang


Hi all. I'm Anthony and I'm a recent graduate of the infamous UC Santa Barbara. I have a huge passion for researching/writing on basically everything.

Having been an MMA fanatic since UFC 1 and being a soccer fan (not just every four years), I apologize in advance if I tend to get very elitist and snobby when it comes to those two topics. I also like to fashion myself a pro golfer and surfer. Unfortunately, no one else shares those sentiments about me..

I like to read (favorite author: Thomas Sowell), watch the History/PBS/Military channels and wrestled in the...the...THE worst, torturous years of my life (pathetic claim to fame: OC Register "Athlete of the Week"). I am literally blessed not to be dead from the literally asinine and inefficient weight-cutting tactics I employed (every horror story times 10, I guarantee you). Anybody who's even a .250 wrestler at the college level (junior college included) is an absolute beast (and semi-retarded, seeing as how it is THE most physically draining/mentally-killing sport with very possibly the LEAST glory and appreciation).

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  • Scott Polacek posted 2430 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits Anthony. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Eduardo Mendez posted 2484 days ago

    Eduardo Mendez

    Hey, Anthony. I just came across your post on my profile. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words. It's readers like you that makes this experience that much more enjoyable. Thanks again.

  • Joel Reuter posted 2527 days ago

    Joel Reuter

    Hey Anthony,

    Curious as to why you removed Nelson Cruz from my position-by-position power rankings, and not Jhonny Peralta. Also wondering why you chose to just pick a player to replace him rather than contacting me so I could take care of something that significant myself.

    I've commented to people in the comments section how Jay Bruce was No. 16 on my list of outfielders when they asked where he was. Now all of sudden Cruz is gone and Pence is there in his place. Kind of makes me look bad.

    I've reverted back to the version of the article prior to your edits.

  • Dan Favale posted 2551 days ago

    Dan Favale

    Thanks for the edits on that slider, Anthony. Appreciate you catching the "Feigen" mishap.

  • Alex Ballentine posted 2552 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks for the edits tonight, Anthony. Not sure what's up with the extra verbiage today. I'll be more aware of the issue going forward.

  • Dylan DeSimone posted 2573 days ago

    Dylan DeSimone

    Thanks for the extra edits, Anthony. Much appreciated!

  • Ben Alberstadt posted 2586 days ago

    Ben Alberstadt

    Many thanks, Anthony.

  • Vincent Frank posted 2617 days ago

    Vincent Frank

    Appreciate the edit. Great third set of eyes, never even caught them. Again, thanks!

  • Dan Favale posted 2660 days ago

    Dan Favale

    Thanks a ton for the edits, Anthony.

  • Alex Ballentine posted 2679 days ago

    Alex Ballentine

    Thanks for the edit Anthony. Good catch in regards to the readers comment on George Wilson. I meant it was the first signing of the inevitable flurry that will come with teams being allowed to talk to free agents now. Again, much appreciated.