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  • Fan's Opinion posted 2085 days ago

    Fan's Opinion

    A case to be made for chanting “Boring” to John Cena - Reclaiming the WWE back from children

    Ever wondered what do fans who chant “Cena Sucks” think? What do they mean when they say those words?
    I want to suggest that most might chant that without realizing it means the opposite of what they are thinking.

    Consider the following:
    - When do you usually hear “X Sucks” chants? When someone is a great heel. The WWE is built on crowds coming to see the basic clash of good vs. evil. Face vs. heel. It doesn’t matter if you came to cheer a face or boo a heel – Both entertain you.

    - Suppose for a minute, that those who chant “Cena Sucks” think similarly to “Cena haters”, as you would call them, within the IWC. Do they “hate” him as you would “hate a great heel”?
    I think not. I think they are not entertained by him. The Cena character was designed to draw children. The character is the generic superhero character, always defeating the odds time after time, and it has been the same for more than 8 years. It is no coincidence, I think, that the voices chanting “Cena Sucks” sound like they come from grown adults. It seems they are no longer the main target audience for the WWE.

    - In my opinion, the WWE has un-mistakenly made a conscious choice to target children as their main target audience. Children are a great source of income, especially in this day and age of online consumerism[1]. Stories don’t have to be
    deep, unpredictable, or coherent for kids to enjoy them. There is no real need of multiple story lines or multi-layered stories, even though we know children will be able to appreciate them – they are just not a necessity.
    But if children are the customer now, and not adults (as myself), than any rant against the product done by adults is irrelevant.

    - Can adults reclaim the show back? Can they do anything against the declining “entertainment value” of the show for adults?
    There is one chant in entertainment that doesn't mean you are enjoying yourself. There is one dreaded chant that means “I did not pay to see THIS”. This chant is “Boring”. What would happen if all those fans chanting today “Cena Sucks” would chant “Boring” to him instead?
    I believe it would be the last stand for adults as WWE fans. I believe it sends a message saying “We demand better quality”. It is a viable option, available for fans who attend live shows, and it’s a very powerful message when sent to the character spearheading the PG movement in the WWE.

    Either that, or a rival company will get its act together, start producing better story lines, get disappointed talent from the WWE, and history will repeat itself. But does any fan who feels as I described want to wait for this to happen? I hope not. Not while they still have some power left…


  • Sports Lover posted 2098 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Whats your real name?

  • Fan's Opinion posted 2334 days ago

    Fan's Opinion


  • Ryan Dilbert posted 2334 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Thanks for the props on the Raw Intros article. Hope you dig my other stuff as well.

  • Ryan Jones posted 2335 days ago

    Ryan Jones

    I 100% support you on your quest for cena to change his character. Its pathetic that his childish character has stayed the same for so long and taken away the edge off of wwe programming

  • Louie Babcock posted 2438 days ago

    Louie Babcock

    Thanks for the props on my article.

  • Graham Greenlee posted 2450 days ago

    Graham Greenlee

    Thank you for favorite my NXT article! Much appreciated!

  • Kyle Schadler posted 2525 days ago

    Kyle Schadler

    Thanks for the props on the article! Much appreciated!

  • Tony Dolemite posted 2568 days ago

    Tony Dolemite

    Thanks for picking my article as a favorite. I appreciate all feedback. Take care.

  • Maria Cane posted 2572 days ago

    Maria Cane

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