Alabama Crimson Tide fan, but not Auburn hater. They can be mutually exclusive, but make no mistake that I am an Alabama fan, especially during the Iron Bowl (with only one exception).

Prior military, live in Huntsville, AL.

Jenny McMurrey, on my favorite writers list, is my beautiful, beloved wife and she loves my fiery beard (which is now gone).

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  • GREG LEIGHT posted 2767 days ago


    I really enjoy your articles on B/R! I was hoping you could write something on the rumors I keep hearing about some of AUBURNS commits visiting t-town and maybe swapping there commitment due to the turmoil in The pasture! I heard Dee Liner and a few others have you heard anything else? If you aren't ready to publish anything yet maybe you could just email me any rumors of visits or any other recruiting stuff you might hear! I love Recruiting second only to Alabama Football and Basketball! RTR and keep up the good articles!

  • Justin Davis posted 2816 days ago

    Justin Davis

    Damn Jalston Fowler is gone for the season!

  • Justin Davis posted 2816 days ago

    Justin Davis

    Hey Jimmy!!! Sorry it's been so long but I haven't really had access to a computer and for some reason the mobile app for BleacherReport doesn't let me see msgs on my Bulletin Board.

    yes I am happy Lebron got one finally so people will shut up. My wife and I are back together so thats a good thing. I'm real nervous about this Arkansas game. Well I'm back to commenting bud!

  • Football the Greatest Game Ever posted 2858 days ago

    Football the Greatest Game Ever

    Jimmy have you seen the Michael Dyer police video in Arkansas, the cop says he is going to leave it in Malzahns hands if to discipline him or not and gives him a cussing after pointing out he knows who he is and that's why he is letting him off the hook. He is a complete terd!

  • Football Greatest Game Ever posted 2873 days ago

    Football Greatest Game Ever

    Just got your message on the comments, does'nt it make you laugh though when people do things like that and you irritate them to the point that they can't stop, I love it when they try to draw 1st blood and then they get mad. Next, they wuill try to enlist a moderator to help them. LMAO in a good way. Glad to see you are loyal to your friends, even when they are wrong. Loyalty is a great trait, it will reward you some day. Tell'em, bring the hate if they don't like your opinion, then keep making them mad. Missed the article that made you be called Rambo though, I'll have to find it. Please tell me where to find it. Keep making the chillibean mad though, because when you reflect on the comment below, you know you have written a good article/opinion that may be hard to accept. Keep up the work. Billy keeps whining when he knows I am away, so I'll go blast him for fun now.

  • chilibean posted 2875 days ago


    So what was all this noise about how you were in the military and you weren't gonna be "broken"?? As if anyone was trying to do that to begin with..What was it you said?? Yeah, I remember; "This is a mere shadow of what I faced in the military, you're not gonna break me"..

    Anyway Rambo, when you had those comments deleted, you were "broken" and broken quite easily..

  • Jordan Bramblett posted 2876 days ago

    Jordan Bramblett

    "The Yellowhammer State has some of the ripest recruits the country has to offer, and Saban will always get first dibs. I'm sure he loves it."... sure thing... #ReubenFoster/DeeLiner

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 2877 days ago


    Jimmy, most of my stuff is dry humor and meant in jest. I hope none of this stuff is mean spirited. While I am a fan (hehe) I try not to get to serious and keep it fun.

  • Ian Berg posted 2877 days ago

    Ian Berg

    It is going to be an interesting piece to write and I am sure will garner a large portion of the "haters gonna hate" crew. They keep it fun though. Keep up the great work Jimmy.

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 2878 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Jimmy! As long as we're talking Nittany and not Detroit, I second your "Go Lions"!