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59 years old, married, three children, four grandchildren. Can't remember when I didn't love sports and NY Yankees. Remember as a kid watching Sunday afternoon baseball with my Grandad. Played baseball through college, coached some, now just a fan. Live too far away to get to many games live, but have traveled to New York, Cincinnati and Chicago to see Yankees play. Love to go to minor league games and get MLB on Direct TV to see as many games as possible. Read everything I can on the Web including New York newspapers to follow Yankees. As a kid was a huge NFL fan and sort of lost interest, but have picked it up some in last few years because my wife is a huge Colts fan. Enjoy college basketball. Can't stand NBA. No interest in hockey or NASCAR.

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  • Pat Egan posted 3681 days ago

    Pat Egan

  • Barney Corkhill posted 3738 days ago

    Barney Corkhill


    It's a tiny bit late as it took longer than expected to write it, but my review of 2009 is finally here! Last year's one won the AOTD award and hopefully I've done enough on this one to equal that feat, but I'll leave you to be the judge of that!

    With 25 great moments from 12 different sports, and with everyone from Barcelona to France, the Yankees to the Lakers, and Usain Bolt to Tiger Woods there is something for everyone in this slideshow, plus a ranked top ten as the final slide!

    If you get a chance would you mind checking it out? Cheers!


  • Joseph Jove posted 3761 days ago

    Joseph Jove

    Hey Perry...Obama satire.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3916 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    I hope you got a chance to watch Jonathan Sanchez toss his first career no-hitter last night. Truly remarkable.

    If you like no-hitters and lots of strikeouts, then this list is for you:

  • Richard Marsh posted 3920 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Part Four at your door. Enjoy.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3921 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Like Home Runs?

    Like Pitchers hitting home runs?

    Then this is for you:

  • Mark Chiarelli posted 3927 days ago

    Mark Chiarelli

    Great articles...Your work is great and I wanted to invite you to my sports/sports gaming forum. We have a great forums to discuss sports and everything else. Great place to post articles for more exposure too! I hope you join! Posting your articles on VSN's forum bring a ton of reads. That is how most of my articles get 2,000+ reads.