Billy  McCreight

Billy McCreight


Life long sports fan. Been watching, playing and living them since I can remember having memories.

Even have a degree in Sports Administration so that's how far I took sports.

Die Hard Calgary Flames fan (Oilers and Canucks can rot) have been since I can remember. My father is a Flames fan and I just jumped on at a young age. Worst moment of my sports life comes from them. Watching them in game 7 of the Finals, when Leopold pinched in, took the pass and had a wide open net late to tie it and Khabibulin slid over and BARELY got enough of the puck to stop it. I jumped up celebrating a goal, looked down at my Dad and saw no happiness....I knew :(

Die Hard Blue Jays fan (go to hell Yankees and Red Sox) and I still remember being up late on a school night (Mom let me despite being only 10) and watching Joe Carter's home run clear the left field fence (as I've seen a thousand times more since) and losing my mind. I stay a fan of the Jays knowing someday that feeling WILL come back.

Die Hard Carolina Panthers fan. Picked up the hat one day thinking it was a Jaguars hat (after they both joined the NFL) and proudly stated to my Steelers-fan father that "I am a Jaguars fan" (I was 13 and just getting into the NFL) ... he looked at me and said "Billy, that's a Carolina Panthers hat" So that's how I became a Panthers fan :) And now I'm loving life as a 15 year strong Panthers fan hoping that the first 2 games of Newton's career are the real him.

For some reason I've been following the Clemson Tigers ... Actually, come to think of it, I know how. It's because my friends and family cheer for Duke and UNC and Maryland and any other ACC team and I decided to cheer for the Tigers because it seemed no one cared about them. Give them at least 1 Canadian fan.

Timberwolves fan...painfully, but I've suffered through 18 years with the Jays and the 7 year drought with Calgary not making the playoffs before the Cup run they made so I can suffer through bad years in Minnesota too and hope that Kevin Love is the answer.

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  • Jeff Wahl posted 2814 days ago

    Jeff Wahl

    any reason why your comments are deleted after youpost them? you've done this on three of my articles now.