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  • Bleacher report posted 3124 days ago

    Bleacher report

    " personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days. Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward"

    Aditya i told you from day one that if arsenal carry on the way they have, people will leave...

    Robin van persie

    Ashique knows bhai

  • H Andel posted 3331 days ago

    H Andel

    Hey, thanks for adding me to your favorite writers list. I appreciate it greatly. I have noticed your articles too. You write very well. It's always good to meet another Gooner.

  • Bleacher report posted 3378 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Okay taking account the goals you scored this is one better:

    8-2 = 6

    6-1 = 5

    United still did better conceding 5 goals as opposed to the 6 arsenal conceded.

  • Bleacher report posted 3378 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Arsenal scored 2 and Manchester United scored 1 (are you with me aditya so far)

    Arsenal conceded 8 and Manchester United conceded 6 (are you with me aditya)


    8 is a bigger number to 6 (are you with me aditya)

    Despite scoring 2 it does not change the fact that arsenal conceded 8 goals (you understand)

    Again 8 is a bigger number to 6.

    So which is far worst Aditya...

    Conceding 8 goals or 6 goals?

  • Bleacher report posted 3378 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Simple maths Aditya.

    Arsenal let 8 goals in my beloved united slaughtered you. Whats worst letting in 8 goals or 6?

    Let me remind you of the arsenal squad that got slaughtered:

    Robin van Persie

    That was a capable squad that normally should of lost by 3-4 goals max, but 8 was a slaughter. I admit that losing 6-1 is bad in terms of manchester uniteds level but losing by 8 is total humiliation and arsenal got slaughtered.

    Im so thankful that city did not reach 8 goals and it only stopped at 6. Arsenal letting in 8 is appauling considering the drought and your 4th spot that wenger so loves. At least united supporters can sigh losing 6 against city but its not that bad considering that last season we won the premier league. City will drop points and everybody knows as well as anybody that united know when to collect points. Mentally it was a bad day at the office but it would of hurt so much if united loss by 8 goals and im thankful it was just 6.

    If city can do that to united imagine what they will do when they face arsenal?

  • Bleacher report posted 3379 days ago

    Bleacher report

    Form? Mate United will respond everybody know they will.

    Do not worry United will not bottle like Arsenal. 6-1 a tough loss to take but against a good team i was hoping the scoreline would not escalate to 8, you know what i mean lol.

  • Adiyaksa Ganjar E posted 3379 days ago

    Adiyaksa Ganjar E

    Well hello my fellow Indonesian :) What a piece of writing skill u got there! love them all! keep it up mate!

  • Toni Okike posted 3403 days ago

    Toni Okike

    I love your write ups.............You inspire me. Keep it up

  • Serena posted 3426 days ago


    hey u on twitter! lool

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 3433 days ago


    Good to hear from you Aditya.