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Living in the mythical State of Jefferson (formerly southern Oregon), one of the nicest places on Earth ~
Lady Red and I work a small farm in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains.
(Red is aka Rojo Grande)

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  • Leo Collis posted 2272 days ago

    Leo Collis

    You're most welcome, Red!

  • Susan Turek posted 2310 days ago

    Susan Turek

    Glad to help, Red. I enjoyed the interview.

  • Dawn Caputo posted 2659 days ago

    Dawn Caputo

    How do I get a copy of your article, "USA vs USSR, 1962: The Greatest Track Meet of All Time?" I am John Thomas's long time friend and would like to use the article as part of some award nominations as I feel JT has been horribly overlooked. He was a tremendous sport ambassador and did much to promote world peace through sports. My email is if you would be so kind to forward to me.

  • Shannon Lane posted 2738 days ago

    Shannon Lane

    Hi Red! Sorry about that misunderstanding. I'll be on the lookout for Rojofacts from now on!

  • Gray Ghost posted 2741 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Great hearing from you! I always enjoy your articles - you're a gifted writer. I'll try and drop by more often!

  • Gray Ghost posted 2743 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    How are you my friend? Hope things are going well for you! Glad to see you are still on the track and field beat!

  • James Rogers posted 2785 days ago

    James Rogers

    No problem, Red. Yes we do! Keep up the work.

  • James Rogers posted 2799 days ago

    James Rogers

    You're correct, Red. On any subsequent mentions, you can use "100" or "the 100." I'm still learning myself! Thanks for bringing that up. And yes, if I happen to start doing some writing for B/R, I would love to contribute to the track and field section. Keep up the work!

  • Ben Millikan posted 2812 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    You're welcome, Red. Glad I could help.

  • Yasha Bol posted 2843 days ago

    Yasha Bol

    Unfortunately not. But maybe we share some sort of Dutch connection.