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  • Alan Neal posted 2128 days ago

    Alan Neal

    Hey Joseph!

    I have been watching Liverpool for a very, very long time, and the answer to your question is probably a yes.In the 80s,Liverpool won the title 5-6 times,but also lost the league on the last day to Everton and Arsenal in 85 and 89, respectively. In the late 90s, Liverpool finished 3rd twice but probably should have finished higher because they always beat the big teams but lost to small teams like Barnsey, West Ham, and Leicester. In 2002, Liverpool got 2nd place and were very close to both winning the league and maybe the Champions League, but our manager, Gerard Houllier, was hospitalized and team was not the same. In 2009, under Rafa Benitez, we got oh so close to winning the title were it not for, again, poor results against small teams like Middlesborough and Spurs. In short, Liverpool have made things harder for themselves over the years.

    I'm still very hopeful that we can win the title but I fear our chance has now slipped. The big game now is City vs. Everton. Everton have been inconsistent recently and the last thing they'd like to do is give Liverpool the title. Nonetheless, I don't buy into the theory that this year is Liverpool's only chance to win the title. Rodgers is smart and I hope he buys the right players this window.

    I see you're from Belgium, are you excited for the WC? You've got a great, young team there and I'll be hoping they entertain me when England inevitably get knocked out.

    How long have you been supporting Liverpool? It's always great to have young fans from different countries choosing this wonderful club to support.

  • Kuwam Chop posted 2161 days ago

    Kuwam Chop

    Hey Joseph. Seeing you are an actual Belgian can i ask who would your starting eleven be if you guys come against the likes of Germany, Spain, Chile, Brazil ? I seldom watch Belgium ( mainly to follow the Chelsea players) but i feel the current squad still needs time before being called a true world cup contender no offense.

  • Andre Rodi posted 2169 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    Yeah I watched the game, as I said, I like watching this Liverpool side play, you won the midfield battle even thought Fellaini played well, Utd's two were phisically stronger and better, but Allen and Gerrard's passing paired with Henderson's energy did the trick, taking advantage of Mata and Janujaz's lack of defending, no words needed about your attacking two, Sterling was also good.
    I was hoping for an Arsenal title but I just don't think it will happpen.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 2170 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    How'd you like that game? haha

  • Andre Rodi posted 2171 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    Nice dive by Sturridge, another reason I forgot to mention as to why I don't like him.
    But too bad Gerrard didn't get that hat-trick, I was rooting for him.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 2172 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Sorry Joseph, for some reason I am not receiving any updates on my page...

    I think people are reading too much into the result to be honest. Just like against Japan, Belgium dominated an opponent with a squad that was far from its best (Hazard didn't leave the bench until late in the game) and allowed said team to find a way back into a game they had no business being in.

    While the trend in itself is not a good one, you have to assume the team wouldn't allow this to happen in a game that actually mattered. Wilmots was tinkering with his formation and giving players like Van Den Borre a chance to prove themselves, unlike most managers who are alreay fine-tuning their squads at this point.

    In the end, it's just a bunch of friendlies. People shouldn't be too invested in the results. We'll see what happens in the final round of friendlies leading up to the WC, but as of right now I'm not worried. Ivory Coast were clearly no match for a Belgian team without several of its best players, and that's what I'll remember.

  • Andre Rodi posted 2173 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    I'm not sure, he's incredibly skilled and has good passing, but unfortunately(because I don't like Oscar) he's not on Oscar's level yet, the spot I feel he could take is Bernard's, I would like that but it's not happening, FelipĆ£o is in love with Bernard.

  • Andre Rodi posted 2173 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    I have watched a lot of Liverpool this games, you guys are so fun to watch, I just don't like Sturridge.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 2173 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Sturridge has definitely been a steal for 12M.

    I won't really be disappointed if we lose XD Our offense definitely can pose a huge threat unless Moyes decides to go all crossing mode (if he does we will probably have 1 shot out of 50 crosses lol). If he doesn't and our offense pans out the way it did in West Brom then we have a very good chance.

    Our defense is the problem though, Suarez will be overrunning Smalling a lot (assuming he plays), and I'm worried about Rafael's temper, just have a feeling he'll get sent off in the first half because we're up against Liverpool... But it's not like we can let Valencia play RB. We'll probably need to play Jones-Evans in CB and hope for a very dominant performance from them.

    And we need to play Fellaini. So many Fellaini haters out there but he was a beast in Everton and his past few games have been pretty damn good. I don't want Carrick to play this game but we have no one else to play there lol, not like Cleverley can.

  • Andre Rodi posted 2174 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    I think Sturridge is too selfish with the ball and is always complaining when someone doesn't pass him the ball, I just can't stand him.
    I can't believe I forgot to ask you man, who are yours?