Phil Caldwell

Phil Caldwell


Phil Caldwell is a free-lance opinion author writing since the early 1980's. His first big break was a top half page feature article, on the front page of the sports section in the Seattle Times on October 25, 1984, and he's been writing similar material ever since.

Prior to writing for B/R, he was published over a hundred times in print media, political op-ed pieces and sports opinions, including the Journal American in Bellevue, Washington, The Seattle Times and the now defunct Seattle PI.

He uses B/R to host articles that don't fit with normal traditional print media. Including humor pieces and subject matters that are too touchy, or create conflicts of interests, to his other media outlets.

Phil grew up in Yakima, Washington and graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1974. After a couple years at Seattle Pacific University, he worked for almost a decade before eventually finishing his undergraduate with a BA in History from the University of Washington in 1991 with a focus on Latin American poverty issues.

His online sports-related material has been featured regularly at Bleacher Report affiliates, including and, with other work appearing on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (which he finds humorous, given his political bias),, plus hundreds more online sites within the USA and aboard.

New material is routinely announced on Twitter at:!/_PhilCaldwell, and on Facebook

Phil also writes about politics, religion, and other controversal subjects (including sports topics that B/R will not allow) at

He continues to add pieces to a 12-part series about the NBA's Seattle Supersonic move to Oklahoma City, beginning with his original B/R piece back in Sept' 2010 at (Links to each next sequel on this series are listed at the bottom of each piece)

Phil's favorite top 3 best B/R humor pieces that he's written, are:

1) The 2011 Las Vegas Bowl

2) 2011 BCS Championship coverage pre-game featuring the Oregon Ducks vs Auburn

3) 10 Reasons Why I Hate the New York Yankees

About the photo:
Phil's heroes at World Concern shot this snappy photo of him. If you’re not familiar with the organization, they’ve made thousands of opportunities for any one of us to make a difference in someone’s life. For instance, 44 cents is enough to keep a child free of intestinal worms for a year. Kids in poverty areas get these from walking barefoot through sewers and muck, where they enter the body as microisms and travel through the bloodstream. Adult worms grow to be more than five inches long, and stunt growth, hinder learning and, in severe cases, kill their hosts. After receiving these pills, immune systems are strengthened and they can absorb vital nutrients again. See online stories and more opportunities at the World Concern website:

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  • r b posted 1939 days ago

    r b

    Well, the decade of dominance is now complete. I looked up the early lines for the annual drubbing that Oregon hands UW. The line has UW as 20 point dawgs. I think you probably need to write another article expressing your jealousy of Oregon. Did you see that Oregon won 3 more NCAA championships this year? I think UW has 6 since 1861.

  • r b posted 1939 days ago

    r b

    Well, the decade of dominance is now complete. I looked up the early lines for the annual drubbing that Oregon hands UW. The line has UW as 20 point dawgs. I think you probably need to write another article expressing your jealousy of Oregon. Did you see that Oregon win 3 more NCAA championships this year?

  • Matthew R. posted 2439 days ago

    Matthew R.

    Hey Phil, remember the article where you had the Thunder salaries at 113 mil. The Lakers don't even payout that much.

    Here's the article just to remind you how a bitter mind can make a person look like a complete jackass:

    The Thunder are at 69 mil. and have the 2nd best record in the NBA 2 years later. Just imagine if they did have that ridiculous 113 mil. you talked about. Also Phil, the Thunder do not have bad players that make more money, as you stated in your article. They have great players making what they should and have one of the best teams. Phil, it must kill you to see the Thunder succeeding and valued as #12 as one of the smallest markets in the NBA.

  • jimmy slaughter posted 2441 days ago

    jimmy slaughter

    Maybe they'll all forget how to play starting tonight..

  • jimmy slaughter posted 2441 days ago

    jimmy slaughter

    Hey bud, just read your article about how broke the OKC Thunder would be & how the team would suck in 2 years.. Haha, funny.. well that was 2 years ago that it was written.. You should take that thing off the internet. It makes you look incompetent. Here's the current link to the teams valuation. Just thought id help you out so you next article can have the actual facts -

    No Problem - Dont mention it...

  • Christopher Nicholas posted 2518 days ago

    Christopher Nicholas

    Classic Fuskies losing to the Great, Historic, Awe-powerful Washington State Cougars. Made my weekend ;)

  • Elijah Hydes posted 2840 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    phil, it's time for another article.

    I was thinking a perspective piece on the ducks. You've been hibernating too long. I want to know what the mood up in seattle is over the ducks' rose bowl win and huskies loss and bla bla bla.

    way overdo. People expect something out of you after the win. huskys everywhere are dormant waiting for someone to give them a sign that there's hope for a better tomorrow.

    you're that person.

  • Duck Fan posted 2900 days ago

    Duck Fan

    Did anybody catch the Duck/Husky game last Saturday? How'd it turn out? Phil?

  • Alex Shoemaker posted 2900 days ago

    Alex Shoemaker

    Hey Phil,

    Does it feel good to get thrashed for an 8th time in a row? If it makes you feel any better, the 17-point victory was the smallest yet. Maybe the Fuskies can stop bending over to good teams in a few years? I doubt it though. Hope you're still alive; I haven't seen a smart-ass comment in a long time.

  • casey cutler posted 2902 days ago

    casey cutler

    Phil, you cherry picker! Where have you been? Dang! We do so miss you on the Ducks articles. Here's hoping I get to read your "witty" comments soon. You're probably out saving the world from terrible billionaires like Phil Knight while not investing one iota of time or effort into Paul Allen or others who donate to washington.
    Well, I don't know if you heard but there was another Duck husky game last Saturday and guess what? The huskies didn't quite win. Huh? I'm sure with all the excitement of the new stadium and all (by the way I'm sure all the money going to that project it blood free), they just forgot they were playing, otherwise, they'd have really shown those evil Ducks a thing or two.
    Hope all is well in your deluded world and that we get to read more of your objective, insightful, hard-hitting "journalism" that we've all come to know and love.