Thanks for checking out my profile.
My name is Ian and, like many others, truly love football. Since you came this far, I'll give a little more insight about my background.
I completed my undergraduate degree at Ashland University and my master's degree at the University of Houston. Although my goal is to become a scout in the NFL, I also enjoy working in student services at the university level.
I cover the Miami Dolphins here at Bleacher Report, and also provide defensive back scouting reports for the NFL draft. My goal is to be unbiased, fair and informative with my articles and research.
I'm also a scouting consultant for the CFL and NFL with my work for Optimum Scouting. As the lead scout for the Big Ten, American Athletic Conference and the Southern Conference, I'm able to provide in-depth scouting reports that are seen by many professional teams. It's something I'm very passionate about and hope to obtain a NFL internship to further my goals.
We do weekly film breakdowns on my Twitter account, so join me there as we look at the game in a more intelligent manner. I strongly believe that the film bears truth, so swing by as we delve in!

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  • Zippy Short posted 1667 days ago

    Zippy Short

    Will you be doing the NFL Rookie rankings each week again this year?

  • Jonathan Spader posted 1896 days ago

    Jonathan Spader

    I loved your article "Washington Redskins Must Avoid Long-Term Investment with Kirk Cousins". I was wondering if you could examine quarterback Aaron Rodgers' season based off the amount of dropped passes committed by his wide receivers. Statistically it was an off season for an elite quarterback but I'm trying to figure out how much of that is on him and how much of that is on his support.

  • Elie Hirschfeld posted 1920 days ago

    Elie Hirschfeld

    great job with the post

  • Alex 'The Beast' Smith posted 1964 days ago

    Alex 'The Beast' Smith

    Actually, the Chiefs own the tiebreaker for the sixth seed in the AFC.

  • Ty Jake posted 1990 days ago

    Ty Jake

    Egg on your face!! Kendricks moving down on your big board and 3rd on LB...and he takes Def Rookie of the month the same day your article goes out. Try to keep up pal. Are you even watching NFL football or just cruising message boards to hope some gives you a hint?!!

  • n s posted 1996 days ago

    n s

    2 big problems with your rookie rankings. Diggs plays for MN not SD. Kendricks wasnt on a bye week in week 6, he lead the team in tackles, had a key sack, and multiple key defensive stops on third down. Huge game, nominated for rookie of the week and you drop him 18 spots in your rookie ranking?

  • Guy Newcomb posted 2064 days ago

    Guy Newcomb

    Would you be able to contact me about an ESPN radio interview? I am the producer at ESPN radio, Jock 98.7 in Springfield Missouri. gnewcomb987@gmail.com or follow @scoreboardguy and I will message you. Thank you

  • Venerable Axiom posted 2456 days ago

    Venerable Axiom

    In 2012, He was ranked by PFF as the #2 center in the league, but last year 13. Some of the cause of the down slide was due to illness, playing with kidney stones, and some can be a result of his supporting cast. His most recent injury won't help him resume top five form, but I wouldn't count him out. At least he'll be well rested when he returns for the remainder of the season.

  • J V posted 2619 days ago

    J V

    You have a good "short list". How about one from a different age demographic?...Most unbreakable sports record?....two numbers: .406 and 56.....Ruth or Mays?...They didn't build a house for Mays........