KabeeR Joshi

KabeeR Joshi


I see, clearly, now, that the path I choose through that maze makes me what I am. I am not only a think, but also a way of being-one of many ways- and knowing the paths I have followed and the ones left to take will help me understand what I am becoming...

I am a simple human being. An open minded person who takes sports like football, F1, Cricket and Tennis as part of life.

I like constructive advices to strenghten my character and morale. I am very optimistic about everything life throws at me.

Liverpool FC is my religion and Anfield is my church. I have been a Red all my life till now, and will remain one till I die. I only see one color in my life that is red.

I enjoy watching sports without commentary, just to analyse what I think of that game after it is finishes and compare with the pundits what they said.

I am a fan of English premier league with La Liga my second favourite. Barcelona, being my second team I personally like most spanish sportmen.

On the flip side of the coin, I do hate Man U. Many a times I get confused whether I hate Man U more or Sir Alex Ferguscum.

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sachin Tendulkar, Courtney Walsh, Rafael Nadal, Vishwanathan Anand are few of my favourite sport people.

I would constrict my bio to sports matters only as this is a sports related web.

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  • Mister Hendrick posted 3379 days ago

    Mister Hendrick


  • Aran V.Singh posted 3404 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    I was thinking of coming back to Bleacher Report and writing some meaningful articles, have you got any tips on how to write a successful application.

  • Aran V.Singh posted 3404 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    I'm here, I just haven't been commenting on the most recent articles, because to be frank these articles asking Suarez to leave are dumbfounded and completely stupid. No one seems to understand that Suarez was perfectly in his rights not to shake Evra's hand and that Evra's part in this ordeal is overlooked.
    I am waiting for some proper articles that are not related to this non story and articles of more use.

  • Aran V.Singh posted 3431 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    Yes it is not official, but was one of the ideas. I do like the old Liver bird as the crest, and the Hillsborough eternal flame next to it is a nice touch. And this website needs someone to write about something that is not transfer targets related, especially when most of these articles point to Cavani as our option, if it even is an option. Or even worse Cattermole.

  • Aran V.Singh posted 3432 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    Alright I'm really picking at thin air here. You could write an article about Warrior Sports and the new kit Liverpool will have next season which looks amazing http://forums.thisisanfield.com/showthread.php?27718-Liverpool-deal-with-Boston-based-Warrior-Sports/page11 look at the comments half way down and there is the new shirt.

    Simple but fantastic.

  • Aran V.Singh posted 3433 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    Write an article

  • world reveal posted 3750 days ago

    world reveal

    Cordial invitation for you to write for http://www.9sports.org ; I love your writings and want to see you at my sports news site. Please consider my humble request for a guest post on http://www.9sports.org sports community.

  • Neri Stein posted 3765 days ago

    Neri Stein

    I would love to see Aqua back. I like him. He's quick, has a good eye for passing and good touch. No clue why Rafa wouldn't play him or what Roy sent him away. I'm just not so sure he'll want to come back even if Kenny wants him.

  • Robin S posted 3855 days ago

    Robin S

    Thanks for the fan add... :)

  • shahzeb zafar posted 3877 days ago

    shahzeb zafar

    whatb do think about goin in fpr cassano???
    he might be good enough