An Indianapolis Colts Featured Columnist in 2011, Kyle left Bleacher Report to start his own blog at Coltsider.com. After a fantastic inaugural season, Coltsider merged with several other blogs to create ColtsAuthority.com, the must-read blog for Colts fans looking for deeper analysis.

In 2012, Kyle returned to Bleacher Report as a Gameday Correspondent for the Indianapolis Colts, which led to a Featured Columnist role in the 2012 offseason and beyond.

Currently also editing Colts Authority and Colts Academy while covering high school sports for MLive (Michigan's largest media organization), Kyle is living the dream of being able to write about sports for a living.

You can find Kyle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColtsAuth_Kyle

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  • David Guidera posted 1277 days ago

    David Guidera

    Thanks for such an informative breakdown of Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, Kyle. It was very useful for my fantasy piece on the Colts.

  • FL Colts Fan posted 1398 days ago

    FL Colts Fan

    Great job of writing here for the Colts. Keep up the good work and good luck throughout the offseason and the coming 2015-2016 season.

  • Matt Delaney posted 1413 days ago

    Matt Delaney

    Hey kyle, Mom wants to make sure you make it home tomorrow from cody's house. so could you call her?

  • Yasir Jones posted 1728 days ago

    Yasir Jones

    Yeah, we definitely needed a guy look Nicks. Those early holes we dig ourselves into might be gone with the calm, veteran reassurance both him and Reggie Wayne bring. Really excited for this season. Hope we can make the most out of the draft, considering we don't have a 1st round pick.

  • Yasir Jones posted 1738 days ago

    Yasir Jones

    Hey Kyle, what do you think about the recent pick up of D'Qwell Jackson? I think it might be a good deal. Also, are you buying Hakeem Nicks to the Colts? I don't know how much of an impact he'd make.... If the Bucs cut Revis, do you think the Colts would be interested? Or will they keep chasing Jarius Bird?

  • Yasir Jones posted 1787 days ago

    Yasir Jones

    Speaking of your off season pieces, I read your break down of the Colts cap space. Will the Colts be able to get the pieces they need (pass rusher to help Mathis, FS/SS, WR, Offensive line)? What position do you think is most important?

  • Yasir Jones posted 1792 days ago

    Yasir Jones

    Hey there Kyle. Just wanted to let you know you write fantastic analysis of the Colts, comprehensively covering all angles of the team.

  • Bailey Brautigan posted 2665 days ago

    Bailey Brautigan

    Hey Kyle! Thanks for the congratulations. I just wanted to remind you that writer-on-writer (or writer-on-editor) attacks are frowned upon at B/R. You're better than that!