Daxton Lyon

Daxton Lyon


Daxton Lyon is a Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur, and full-time MBA student at Hawaii Pacific University. Now residing in Honolulu, HI, Daxton is married with no children. Born and raised in Alabama, Daxton is an avid SEC college football fan!

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  • ray a posted 2591 days ago

    ray a

    BTW, Semper Fi...so you can't be all bad.

  • ray a posted 2591 days ago

    ray a

    Calling me out? LOL. Is this middle school? Why would I want to go through the research of all the articles I have read and videos watched over the last few years to satisfy you? It is more than obvious you are a bama homer, which means, you could poke holes in any theory, video, article or personal account. You see what you want to see...it is the way of the sheeple (they exist at places other than Tuscaloosa too). Next time, just challenge me to a dance-off...it will do just as much good.

  • Larry Burton posted 3070 days ago

    Larry Burton


  • Kelli Curtis posted 3105 days ago

    Kelli Curtis

    I didn't see your message until now (this significant time zone can be a pain), and while your article had already been edited, I went in and did some editing too. (I corrected a bit of grammar, punctuation, style and a misspelling.) It was a fun read, though, and I really enjoyed it!

  • Elijah Hydes posted 3372 days ago

    Elijah Hydes

    You're lame. Stop posting yoru stupid article on other message boards. Thank you.