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  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 3389 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Holland, Thanks for becoming a fan! Your support is much appreciated, and your input on articles is vital. Here's to many more encounters!

  • Jimmy Fowler posted 3398 days ago

    Jimmy Fowler

    How could I not be a Fan! I love your opinions. It`s true when you love something or someone nothing matters but your thoughts and some of those who feel the same! Were Steelers for life !

  • Michael Dunbar posted 3433 days ago

    Michael Dunbar

    lol I apologize about the assumption but that's crazy to hear that you had quite the legacy at Purdue.. I hope my Dolphins are able to eventually pull something together and thanks again for the read and the comments you provided on my article.

  • Michael Dunbar posted 3434 days ago

    Michael Dunbar

    lol there are a few of us patient 'phins fans but thanks again man. That's crazy to hear about the Purdue legacy part because one of my friends wanted to follow his brother's legacy at Purdue too but was unable to do it. However, he still roots loud and proud for them.

    In fact, his brother was on the football team with Drew Brees and, after looking it up, was a legit player here.. Have you heard of Vinny Sutherland?

  • Ahmad Rashad posted 3462 days ago

    Ahmad Rashad

    Yes I do. It's @BigARashad

  • Ahmad Rashad posted 3462 days ago

    Ahmad Rashad

    Do you have a twitter account?

  • Jordan Gavana posted 3634 days ago

    Jordan Gavana


  • Timothy Kessler posted 3640 days ago

    Timothy Kessler

    scott rolland is aaron tollerud!

    just another name change to try and throw people off after he gets in trouble

    what a joke, kinda scary actually

  • steeler nation posted 3644 days ago

    steeler nation

    I am so sick of reading about the Packers beating the Steelers, I give up. I dont even want to look at BR for a long long time, (like, at least until Saturday)

  • Ariana Stover posted 3648 days ago

    Ariana Stover

    They're just incredible.