I'm a Michigan native who currently lives in Colorado. I resist the urge to smack or punch people who wear "Red Wings Suck" shirts. Doesn't stop me from going to Wings-Avs games and get hated on.
I love the Detroit Lions. I love watching Megatron, Stafford, Vanden Bosch, Delmas, Suh, and Jim Schwartz. I could not live without football and the Lions.
I'm also a Michigan State Spartans fan, so whenever there's a basketball or football game on, nothing else matters.
As for baseball, the only time I watch it is when I watch Rookie of the Year or Angels in the Outfield, or I get pulled along to a Rockies game. Other than that, I spent more time eating hot dogs and snoozing during a baseball game than cheering.
"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision."--Muhammad Ali

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  • Travis Graham posted 3001 days ago

    Travis Graham

    Hello, my name is Travis and I would love to discuss a few things with you regarding writing for a hockey website, if you could please email me at Grahamt14@gmail.com that would be amazing.

  • Michael Mc posted 3041 days ago

    Michael Mc

    Regarding the Alabama vs. LSU rematch article, your reasoning for replacing Alabama with an inferior team in the BCS National Championship game read much like one would expect from a junior high school reporter, with the exception that it would be cute if it was written by a juvenile.

    Please explain (in adult terms) how Oklahoma State, Boise, or Houston would be able to beat Georgia or Arkansas, much less Alabama. And please explain how a blowout would be more pleasurable to watch than a close game, where the loser is determined by a field goal.

  • Ray Schultz posted 3093 days ago

    Ray Schultz

    I"m not sure if John is a Michigan fan or not. Either way, if he is, not all us Michigan fans are that way. You keep doing what you do. I loved the article and one bad U of M fan shouldn't screw it up for you. Maybe I'll write an article someday. Just check in sometime to check it out. I'd love your feedback. Go Blue all the way, but go after your dream. I'm sure you'll do well. I hate rooting for state but I'll root for you!