Hello Bleacher Report! My name is Taylor Green. I spent the first 18 years of my life just outside of Wichita, KS. I attended college at Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. I received a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance while at Baker University. I was also a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity while I attended Baker.

After college I moved to Dallas, TX, where I have lived now for 4 years. I currently work for BDO USA LLP, a public accounting firm, and I am in pursuit of my CPA license. I am also the co-founder and controller of 6G Systems. 6G Systems is an online personal training service that allows you to maximize your own potential by having programs specifically designed to meet your needs according to your personal profile, facilities used, and desired goals.

I spend my free time at the boxing gym and writing articles for Bleacher Report. Most of my articles relate to my beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Both of these activities are fairly new to me, but I love them both. I get the physical fix that my body needs from boxing, and the mental fix that my brain needs by writing.

I consider myself a very logic based writing. I try my hardest not to just write what comes to my mind, but rather research and find support for my claims or support to disprove my claims.

By reading just a few of my articles, it becomes apparent that I am a very passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan. I get my passion for the Chiefs from my mother and father. As long as I can remember my parents house has always been a shrine to the Kansas City Chiefs. I like to argue that there is no family has more Chiefs pride then mine. I mean not many families have a Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead in their yard that can be seen from Google Earth. If you want proof, or would simply like to see the arrowhead, message me and I will send you a picture. It truly is a work of art. Go Chiefs!!!

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  • Mike Mecke posted 3307 days ago

    Mike Mecke

    I don't totally agree, but interesting comments and info Taylor. Another 10-15 years of following Big 12 teams and college football and you will likely be a very good sports writer.
    If you were really involved with the Big 12 or even attended a Big 12 school or had lived in Texas a long time - you might have your facts more in line with what is happening with the conf. Why do you think Nebraska left last year? Their love for working with UT? OU and Mizzou have also been somewhat vocal on UT and TV this year. Numerous writers - from GA to Kansas City have echoed serious blame on UT's greed and selfishness. True, some from A&M are also likely more interested in money than anything else in the change. I think it will be a bad move for A&M for several reasons - we need to stay regional with our old rivals and friends. An OU comment was take the remaining Big 8 members and Baylor, A&M and TT and reform a 10 team conf. Let UT go independent and have all its money. Could still play them as non-conference foe to keep that old tradition alive. Sure they have dominated, but remember, until '67 A&M was a small, all male, mostly military university - with 1/3 of the state's oil moneys coming from U. lands - guess who gets 2/3 and used to get 100%?

    The media and its tendencies everywhere to focus and slobber over the big dogs in the region also share some of the blame for conference unhappiness. This has happened also on West coast, Big 10, Big East and the Rockies. How can anyone now consider ESPN as unbiased if UT or any Big 12 member is involved? No way.

    A&M and it's Texas and Oklahoma members are much more closely aligned culturally and geographically with the Southwest and West than the deep South. Only the eastern 1/3 of Texas is somewhat similar even in climate or culture...... our Pineywoods. Forming a Southwest Div. with AZ schools in the Pac 12 would be a better fit than going east. Thanks for your article, it was interesting.

  • Autumn Wind posted 3386 days ago

    Autumn Wind


  • Autumn Wind posted 3387 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Shit!! we expect the chiefs players to be dumb but come on!! jacoby don't let them use pic in uniform.