Marilyn Dubinski

Marilyn Dubinski


Howdy! I'm from San Antonio, TX, and I graduated with a degree in Spatial Science from Texas A&M University. (In case you're wondering, SS is the study of the Earth's surface from space.) I love the Aggies and Spurs, and I'm also a passionate soccer fan. I've played soccer since 1st grade, and was named the top goalkeeper in South-Central Texas my Junior year in high school. I watch as many games by the US National Soccer Teams (men and women) as possible. The World Cup is my favorite sporting event of all!

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  • Sabahudin al-said posted 2341 days ago

    Sabahudin al-said

    dude delete that stupid message you sent me,i would but cant somehow.and popovich is half soviet.

  • Sabahudin al-said posted 2342 days ago

    Sabahudin al-said

    tracy,am i speaking fuc***g russian?"
    as you said popovich learned russian on army school(?) so i guess he is the enemy of them.nothing twisted with me,imagine if popovich just said something like tracy am i speaking fuc***g hebrew? well he would get suspended.but who cares about commies

  • ryan cennts posted 2367 days ago

    ryan cennts

    i recommend you start watching european soccer games, champions league and all of that. trust me you will not regret it. Europeans are some of the most passionate soccer fans.

  • Mark Jimenez posted 2549 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Nice win for the Spurs. TP shot will go be remembered for a long time if we win it all.

  • Laker Nation posted 2560 days ago

    Laker Nation

    What do you mean what am I talking about? What are you talking about?

  • Laker Nation posted 2560 days ago

    Laker Nation

    What a pretentious spurs fan. Russell as the goat? you kidding? He doesn't even deserve top 5. Wilt, Jordan and Kareem are way better.

  • Mark Jimenez posted 2585 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    I've seen some of your comments and agree with you on most of them. Awesome San Antonian Spurs fan!

  • Billy Khan posted 2642 days ago

    Billy Khan

    gooo spurs

  • Samuel S. posted 2665 days ago

    Samuel S.

    You are an awesome Spurs fan and fellow San Antonian!!! i'm a fan now.

  • Mr. Pink posted 2711 days ago

    Mr. Pink

    hello fellow San Antonian!!!! :)