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  • Jon Mancini posted 1626 days ago

    Jon Mancini

    Both Andre Gomes and Joao Mario have plenty of potential, but from what I've seen, Joao Mario is much closer to the finished product. Andre Gomes is two-footed, very strong physically, and full of confidence, but he is still very raw and unpolished. He's extremely slow both with and without the ball, his passing/touch can be very sloppy, and his decision making in possession is still very poor.

    Joao Mario lacks Gomes' physicality, but he's tactically disciplined, technically sound, and intelligent in possession. He actually reminds me quite a bit of Axel Witsel in terms of his playing style. I would expect him to make the step up to the senior national team within the next few months.

  • Jon Mancini posted 1630 days ago

    Jon Mancini

    Hi Muhammad.

    I completely agree that Bento is solely responsible for our abysmal world cup, but several Portuguese newspapers are claiming that the Portuguese Football Federation is planning on keeping Bento until his contract expires after Euro 2016. Most of the high profile Portuguese coaches such as Jose Mourinho, Jorge Jesus, AVB, and Leonardo Jardim are not leaving club football anytime soon. Porto's former coach, Vitor Pereira, is currently available, but I'd rather see us get an experienced, tactically sound foreign coach.

    Potential starting 11 for the Euro 2016:

    Bruma----------------------Ronaldo---------------------------Marcos Lopes
    ------------Bernardo Silva----------Joao Moutinho---------------------
    ------------------------------Anthony Lopes-----------------------------------------

  • Dred James posted 1638 days ago

    Dred James

    "As for the straight fastball Tanaka has? I'd rather not talk about that."

    He's not bad at all, question is will it last.. (I think soo)

  • Norman posted 1658 days ago


    I know! it feels funny, like it didn't happen. It guess it just hasn't hit me yet. When you're used to watching other teams lift it, you just don't realize your team has actually won it.

  • I. Marino posted 1658 days ago

    I. Marino

    If you didn't cry during Ramos's goal

    You are no madridista

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 1660 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    We did it I know!! I also lost my voice, it was actually really cool how I lost my voice after one goal. It was incredible

  • Norman posted 1661 days ago


    I'm still in awe. I wake up and pull up Ramos' goal to make sure it wasn't a dream. That has got to be my best footballing memory of all time. Real Madrid is a legendary club. The most successful club in the history of football. Haters and nay sayers babble about Franco and all that garbage ref talk in futile attempts to escape reality. We deserved this and we got it! Now I'm only sad knowing the treble was within reach. So many what ifs. But who cares, Décima! ¡Hala Madrid! hermano

  • Dienz Jaffret posted 1663 days ago

    Dienz Jaffret

    Well we did it my friend, HALA MADRID

  • JD Foster posted 1664 days ago

    JD Foster

    Here we go! Are you ready?? lol, I'm pumped but also a little worried as I know Atleti can win this. I've told my other friends and stuff that I still really can't believe were actually here, feels surreal a little, it's only kicking in now that we are about 90 minutes away from kickoff : O

    Today is the day where we as Madridistas will celebrate like no tomorrow or be moping around for a good month looking for excuses to try and make ourselves feel better lol. I think and hope Madrid pull it off, respect to Atletico but this our trophy. It needs to come home : )

    Talk to y'all later, Vamos Real! HALA MADRID!

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 1672 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    Yea, in the UCL this year we have been incredible. I still think we should start Illarra in the final, Casemiro is an option, Khedira is still rusty in my eyes. Next year I would love to promote Jose